Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Taylor to you Four is so much more!

Happy Birthday Taylor!!!  Today you turn 4 and you know it, you have been counting downs the days till you did, showing me on your little fingers how old you are and then adding your one little finger to say you will now be four!!!  Taylor I love you so much and you are the funniest little thing.  I love how you can always make me smile.  I love how every morning the first words out of your mouth are "I'm hungry"! and then you ask "you know what my dream about".  I was flipping through pictures and videos today and you were ALWAYS smiling or laughing and that has not changed a bit!  You are such a smart little thing and pick up on things so quickly.  You are VERY strong-willed, some can see that as a bad thing but I know that with God on your dad and I side He will guide us to help steer that strong-will to be an amazing thing! Taylor you are such an amazing boy and your dad,Caleb and I are so blessed with you in it!!! I love you sweet boy and look forward to this next year of so many more milestones!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR!!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Turning six never looked so sweet!!!

WOW!  Six years! I am still in shock thinking that my sweet lil man is turning six.  As much as I am looking forward to the man you will become, I am in love with you are today!  There are days I miss holding you in my arms but then you come wrap your arms around me.   There are days I miss kissing you sweet head but then you come and kiss mine.  I love you stolen kisses I give at night.  You are one of the bravest boys I know just like your daddy.  I love that your daddy is your hero and that you love your Lord!  Caleb you look at the world and wonder what you can make of it.  You have such a sweet, compassionate and giving spirt.  There are days you take time to teach Taylor things....and there are days you don't =) but that is ok.  You are such an amazing big brother and God knew that you would be.  You inspire me so much!  I love how open you are with me most days like when you told me about your first kiss on the cheek...then I think I messed up by telling everyone at the dinner table...sorry =(  Caleb I hope you have a wonderful six birthday and can not wait to see how you grow in the next year!!! Your daddy, Taylor and I love you very much!!!

2 months old
Standing at 2 months!!! Determination!!!

about 2 weeks old

his first birthday!
Caleb picked a pumpkin for his little brother, who was still in my tummy!!!
about 8 months

His 2 year picture!

best friends!

love how his arms reach the top of his tiny head!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The adventures of Caleb and Taylor

Down the stairs came Caleb and Taylor carrying their backpacks.  Daddy asked "Where are yall going".  To their response was "We are going to church".  Nana then said "Well do you have your bibles?"  So they quickly raced up the stairs to get them and told everyone bye then said "We are headed to church".  After a couple of minutes the adults decided it might be a good idea to go and check on the boys.  When they looked outside they saw Caleb pulling on knobs, twisting things and looking under the hood of the lawnmower.  Taylor ran in and said in his cute little voice "There are no keys in the mower!" So Pop so kindly said  "Well there are keys in my truck".  Taylor got the most excited look on his face and said "Oh I've got to tell Caleb!" then ran out the door yelling "CALEB THERE ARE KEYS IN POP'S TRUCK!!!"

These two have quite alot of adventures together and I can't wait to see what else they will have!!  Oh and on a side note the boys did not make it to the church =)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The first of many... =)

Last week my little man you started your first day of kindergarten and as much as I wanted to be sad(even though I really, really was!!) I could not help but smile because you just amaze me with all you take on.  A good friend the other day said that you face the world with all you have and that is so true!  You have no fear but have such great wisdom for a 5 year old and you make such good choices!  You ran to your class without any fear but were perceptive enough to know to look back and give your mom the biggest hug around her neck so that she knew you would be ok and she needed that more than you will ever know!  I pray that you know God is always with you and pray for Him to help you make good choices as you start this new journey of your life.  Your dad, Taylor and I love you with all that we have but we know God loves you so much more.  Love you big boy!!

Caleb and his sweet teacher!
Us with our little man!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One HUGE milestone!!!

Last weekend we celebrated the 100th birthday of my great granny!!  That is a HUGE milestone in anyone’s life.  My granny is an amazing woman and has gone through so much in her life.  She was one of I think I remember right 10 kids.  Also her mother’s sister died when she was real young and brought in her kids so there was a bunch.  She has had a rough but wonderful life.  She has dementia, so she really does not remember too many people but she is still as feisty as ever and I love that about her, kind of think that may be where I get some of mine from J  She has raised 5 amazing kids, one being my grandma who is my inspiration.  My grandma goes to see her mom almost every day at the nursing home, even though she does not always remember her, just so she can spend time with her.  I just love that!  She had a pretty good time at her party but I must say toward the end she was done and kept telling us to get out of her house, even told me she would get a switch after me.  All I could do was smile.   I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful granny!  Happy 100th Birthday Granny!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A thankful kind of Thursday

Ok I cheated a bit, I saw a Thankful Thursday on another post but I loved the idea!  So lately I have been a little discouraged and a bit on the down side...boys close your eyes but some of it I think has to do with that umm time of the month.  Anywho I thought I actually needed this, to jot down some things that I am thankful for so that I remind myself that it is really not that bad I just need to flip my idea of things sometimes :)

1.  The other day I posted on FB that I do not know what the future hold but I am so encouraged to know that God knows and I just need to be a bit more patient and just wait!  Sometimes that is so hard for my fleshly(don't know if that is a word, if not I so just made it one) little brain not to want to take control but in Matthew He talks about not being worried about tomorrow and in Philippians He says for us not to be anxious.  Joshua actually has been teaching our Sunday School class about Moses and how things were just not the right time for the Israelites to be freed from slavery and the simple answer was wait.  I just need to be encouraged in knowing that things sometimes do not need to be rushed, He will place us where He needs us in His time!!!

2. I get to start a new job next week............I get to stay home with my boys again, I get to drive Caleb to and from some place he is going to get an education(I don't like the other word right now =) ).  I feel so blessed that we are to a place right now that I can do this.  I am blessed to have a hubby that supports me doing this and works tremendously hard so that I can do this.  I am just over the moon!!!

3. I have been so thankful for friends that God has placed in my life to help lift me when I am down and just to give me a hug when it is just the right time!!!  During a recent trip one of the girls gave us the name SIC's! Sisters In Christ and it is so fitting!!!  I have another that just moved from our hometown of Fl. to MS. so we have said we are now Mississippi sister's, ha love it!  I have in the past year have realized just how important having wonderful friends are not just having contacts but having a connection.  Family is always a blessings but sometimes we just need that smile from a friend and that is all we need.  I have been told by a couple of wonderful mentors that if you have at least one good friend in your life you are blessed but if you have more than one you are truly blessed and to hold on to them.  Being a friend takes work but the blessings are worth so much more!!  Love and joy can change a person!

4. I am thankful that next week I get to go see my grandparents and my great granny who will be celebrating her 100th birthday!!! Yep I wrote that right 100!!! How amazing!  I am looking forward to helping set up and just seeing my family.  I miss my grandparents so much!!!

5. My hubby has to put up with alot from me and I am thankful that God has chosen for us to spend the rest of our lives together.  He is an amazing man that takes care of me, encourages me, LOVES me, is a Godly father to our boys, a man I hope my boys inspire to be and though we have had a "different" past couple of years gives everything he has. 

6.  I have been so blessed to have the job I have now.  I have worked with some amazing people and have met a ton more.  I have a boss that is so easy to talk to and is so understanding.  Though this is not what I wanted to be doing these past 2 years, God has taught me so much and has aloud me to grow in ways that I know would not have been able to happen if I did not have this job. 

Sometimes it is so easy to be discontent with things in your life but how much more rewarding is it when you allow your heart to be thankful, there is so much more I am thankful for but these are on my mind right now, what things are you thankful for?

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness. ~~Colossians 2:6-7

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ramblings for your Wednesday afternoon

Did you all have a wonderful 4th of July, we had a great weekend and holiday!  Here are just a few ramblings of things that have happened in the past few weeks.

-We had our VBS about 2 weeks ago.  Our theme for this year was “The Race”, done in like a Nascar theme.  We had the best time, Josh and I did the music this year and had a blast with the kids.  We have such an amazing staff that can come up with some wonderful ideas.  Our old children’s pastor, youth pastor and pastor all helped with coming up with the lessons for each night.  Scott (our youth pastor) well God has just blessed him with such an amazing artistic ability, he build our set for VBS each year and it looks so good!  We had 3 children give their lives to Christ that week!! Amen!

-Yesterday marked the day the boys and I were driving from Florida to Mississippi, Josh and his dad had already made the trip the day before.  I just think how encouraging it is to see how far God has taken us.  We have been through some really rough patches over the past 2 years but He has shown us so much and has allowed us to grow in ways I don’t think would have happened if we had not made this move.  We are still praying for some things…like a house J but if there is one thing we have learned is that God has a plan and things will happen when they are suppose to happen and we just need faith to trust that!

-Last week I got to put in my notice for work and I am beyond the moon.  Here is one example that God answers prayers and when He speaks He has a plan.  In that blog is where I felt God was saying it was time to come back home with the boys but it was not quite time yet.  And now things have worked out so that I can, things will be tight but it is so worth it to be able to be home with the boys and do what I feel I was made to do.  I can’t wait to spend the day with Taylor and to drive Caleb to and from school. That is still a hard one for me to swallow, Caleb and school but I think I am getting a bit better with it…ok not really but let’s pretend to help me feel a bit better J

-The boys went to see Cars 2 with one of their buddies Nikolas, and they all had the best time.  It was a pretty funny movie, not as good as first but still cute.  At one point Taylor asked when the movie was going to start and Nikolas said “when you see cars, then the movie has started”. Oh the logic of kids

-We went to a friend’s house yesterday and had a cookout.  They made ribs, pasta salad, potato casserole, roasted corn and a cake but there was also watermelon, pie that I made and cucumbers, you would have thought we were feeding an army but it was so yummy!  We went swimming, the boys jumped on the trampoline…I did not try that one too many people there to watch.  And then we headed out to see the fireworks.  We had such a great time, the boys did not want the day to end.  I feel so blessed to have this family in our lives right now.  Beverly has become such a wonderful friend to me these past few months.  One thing that I have learned recently is that God puts people in your life just when you need them, some are there for a season or two and some are there for a lifetime.  I think this is one of those lifetime ones J

-I am really starting to believe Caleb may become a preacher one day.  As we were on our way out to see the fireworks the boys were talking about sins, God and Jesus.  Well Taylor asked why Jesus died and Caleb told him for our sins, that is when Taylor asked what sins were so we explained that one.  Then Caleb said that Jesus died so we would go to heaven and see Him.  Taylor then said that he did not want to go to heaven yet, Caleb said you do want to go to heaven, not right now but you do or you will go to the devil and you DO NOT want to go there J Josh and I just grinned and Taylor just said Oh…!

-I almost forgot on Saturday we, and when I say we I mean Josh’s dad and Josh, set up the redneck slip n slide.  We had some friends over and went to slipin and slidin and had the best time.  Last year Taylor was not too sure but this year he was all about it and even climb the hill that the slide is on.  This slide will bring out the kid in everyone!  Well I hope you had a great 4th of July weekend and I pray you have a joyous week!!

just love cute little boys in goggles!

Taylor was not happy about this

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Go out and change the world

Well I think I am about recuperated from last week!  I had the privilege of going with our youth as a chaperon for their mission trip this year in Moberly, MO!  And boy did I have a wonderful time!  I always love going on these kinds of trips cause I always feel like I get more out of the trip than they do J We have such a special youth group here, I miss my one back at home but now most of them are becoming such wonderful adults! 

We left early Sunday morning, had a blast on the bus, those boys sure can make the time go by fast.  We mainly just got settled in on Sunday.  Monday we got our assignments, I was in the group called Bone Crushers.  Now that is a cool name, our other group was the Roller Kings…but we kinda changed it to the Roller Queens…complete with a song.  You know the song “Dancing Queen” well we changed it to “Roller Queens”.  Yeah I know kinda mean but yet so funny!  At our site we were to bust up the top layer of Ms. Mary’s front porch and to hang new ceiling tiles in her basement.  Ms. Mary was a sweet older lady who knew about her Savior and was so thankful we were there.  For me I knew we were there to help Ms. Mary but I also believe we were there for a greater purpose.  There was a family of next door and they had 3 kids, two girls and a boy.  When we first got there the older little girl, Kirsten, would come out and just kinda look to see what we were up too.  Scott (our youth leader) started to ask a few questions to see where her heart was.  Come to find out her family was Catholic but she said that she really did not follow that religion, she said she believed that she did not have to got through someone to talk to her God, she could do it herself!  Man that was so refreshing to hear. 

As we were passing out tracts in the neighborhood Kirsten’s little brother Brayden asked if he could come along and we told him sure.  He knew a lot of people in the neighborhood so he would tell us who was home and would walk up to the door with us and introduce us to them.  Made it a bit easier.  Some of our group actually got to pray with a couple of people but there was one house where when one of our group youth leaders, Madelynne, asked if she could pray for the lady the lady turned to her and said “you know what my life is good right now, you all are doing a great work for the Lord, let me pray for you!” How awesome is that, man tears were just flowing from my eyes when I heard that.  Another moment was after lunch we were having our group devotion time outside and Brayden again asked if he could stay with us.  So as Madelynne began she was talking about how great God’s love is.  She then asked Brayden if he knew how much God loved Him.  Brayden just shook his head no, so Madelynne began to share how God sent His son to die for us but how He rose from the grave but what I love is that she got down to his eye level so she could look him in the eyes.  You want to know what Brayden said…..all he said was “WOW!” that is it.  Man streams of tears came again, I just sat there amazed at how much we take for granted just knowing who He is and how much He truly loves us and here was one little boy who lives in America and had no idea. 

Oh before I forget this, I picked up an eighty pound bag of concrete by myself…stupid I know but I was proud that I did it.  See we were all trying to get the bags off the van and Beverly and I worked on one together and I went back to get the last one, thinking she was coming back…nope.  So I thought to myself how hard can this really be, I mean I have 2 boys.  I shimmied it off the van and into my arms, turned the corner and that is when…plop!  Down went the bag, now you would think some sweet, kind young gentleman would come help…wrong!  They all just cheered me on from the front porch including Beverly J  Oh and to top it off the World Changers camera crew were there and filmed the whole 15 minute saga, ok it was about 3 minutes but it felt like longer.  I finally got the bag off the ground and there was our sweet youth pastor there to take the load from me…and to throw a handful of cicadas at me!!  Oh did I forget to mention that this was the 13 year of the cicadas for this area, umm yep!  There was thousands upon thousands and I am not exaggerating.  Want to know what one looks like well look below!  The first half day I was terrified of them but because there were so many you just learn to pick them up by their wings and throw them.  Oh we did come up with some games like cicada baseball, make them fight each other and see how many you can stick to someone shirt.  Yeah I know we were mean but they were dying anyway J

Look at those beady red eyes!

A few more highlights, our other group built a wheelchair ramp for a lady named Charlotte.  They built the ramp in one day when it was suppose to take 2, they work so hard.  A couple of the youth got to sit and talk to Mrs. Charlotte and found out that she had not been to church in awhile because she had no way of getting there so one of the volunteers who lives in Moberly said he would come by every Sunday and take her to her church that was just down the road.  How awesome!!  I just love seeing God work!  Also Tuesday night we had a prayer of commitment, it was just a time for us to pray for our hometown, the people in our town, the houses we were working on, etc.  And I was just taken back to see all of these young youth committed to prayer and to hear their heartfelt prayers.  Always an amazing site to see so many in prayer and worship and then to pray that it continues beyond this place and this week. 

We left on Wednesday and headed to the St. Louis Mall!  We got to spend like 8 hours there and I thought I would be in heaven…wrong, that is just too much shopping for me.  I did pick up a really nice winter jacket for $25 it was originally $160!!  Oh yeah steal of the day!!  Also me and my other SIC’s (sisters in Christ) kinda got in some pickles having to do with a toy snake, Justin Beiber, and a talking hamster…well I think you get why we might have had so much fun!!  They were such a blast to hang out with.  Thursday we went to Six Flags and I was so excited cause I LOVE roller coasters.  But there were two rides I had already said I did not want to go on Superman and Mr. Freeze.  I did good for the most of the day then we saw some of the youth/ college and career kids.  Which by the way we had not seen for the whole day, they were telling us about Mr. Freeze and I had made mention that I was not riding that one…STUPID!  Next thing I knew I was being carried by two former high school football players one on either side of me!  I kept trying to get out of it but they would drag me back.  Finally in line and my knees were so weak.  This thing shot you out at like 60 mph!  But I am here to tell you I did it and survived, now I did have to get Madelynne to help me get back off of the ride because my knees were too weak but I did it!!  All in all it was a wonderful trip, I actually got to know the heart of those who I went with and that is something I will always cherish!  Well I hope I did not bore you too much but thank you for reading J

just look at that thing! Yes it just goes straight up!!

Our crew with Ms.Mary

Us with Justin Beiber!

I have more pictures but blogger is acting up, you can check them out on my FB page =)

"We are just attempting, unless God is attracting!"

Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain. ~Psalm 127:1

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fun in the Sun

Whew, I think I am still recovering from our fun filled vacation.  We had such a blast last weekend.  This post will just give a small glimpse in our vacay and overload of some pictures, if that is ok with you…oh it is, great! 
We drove down on Saturday morning, the boys were so excited because we were in our new vehicle and they could watch their movies in there.  As soon as we got into town we went straight to my parents’ house to get kinda fixed up.  We would be taking some family pictures in about 2 hours.  Well to my surprise when we got there my parents’ air went out!  So umm yeah I was trying to blow dry my hair in about 90 degree weather, can you say frizz!!!  Before we arrived at the park where we were having our pictures made, I kinda told…ok maybe threatened a hair that they better put their best smiles on :)  They did great a little too great, Carrie who was taking our pictures asked them to act silly and all they would do was smile…opps
Woke up Sunday and had breakfast at one of our favorite breakfast places…Coram’s, if you are from the PC area you know where I am talking about!  Then we headed to Shipwreck Island for a day in the sun.  The boys LOVED the park, they played really hard and never showed any signs of being tired, unlike their parents.  Their two favorite places to go was the wave pool and the “crazy” river ride as Caleb likes to call it - or you may know it as the Lazy River.  We got there soon after the park opened and left just a bit before it closed.  Fun in the sun it was. 


Monday we were headed to Navarre Beach to visit some really good friends of ours and their boys and ours are really close.  But first we needed to go have some breakfast, but they just opened a Bob Evans near the mall and I have eaten there before and it was so yummy!!  So we decided to give it a try, bad move should have stuck with Coram’s.  The service was ok but it was so slow!!  And what I got was not like what I had before but we eventually finished and made our way to the Platt’s.  Each time we get together with their family it is like we have never been apart and I just love that!  The boys stayed up until 11:30 and until their heads hit the pillow they were all playing hard!  Tuesday Josh and Greg went to some gun exhibit in Eglin so Linda and I took the kids to the park.  This park was awesome!  It had a really nice play set, and water pad thing that water shoots up from the ground (it was really neat!), a pier and was near the beach.  So we did them all!  I have to tell a short story about myself.  As we were walking along the pier, Linda looked over the edge to see the turtles but to her little eye she saw a snake and called the boys to come look.  Well of course it would be my son who would look over and drop his flip flop right by the snake.  So I told Linda to keep her eye out for it and I was going to go and get the flip flop, well I stand here to tell you that I did it!  Now the snake was only about this long _______________________________________________________________ but it was still a snake.  There is actually a funny story to go with it but it is too long to write.  We came back and rested a bit then headed back out to the beach that evening, and boys could not have been any happier.
Well we packed up Wednesday and headed home, the boys did not want to leave and Evan even told me he did not want this day to end L  Had a really great visit and can’t wait to do it again.  We headed back to MS but made our last stop to visit 2 of our other friends, The Gables.  Kelly has said we are now Mississippi sisters and I love that, because we are two girls born and raised in good ol’ Panama City, Fl.and MS has been quite a change for us both, so it just seems fitting for us. We had a good dinner with them just chatting and catching up.  Finally made it home around 10pm.  Whew!  Now that I am starting to catch back up, I will be heading out on Sunday to be a chaperone for our youth’s mission trip, looking forward to it but please pray for me. J  I’m sure I will be telling you all about that soon too!!! 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Whynot Friday- Birthday Edition!!

Ok so I can never make a blog in time for Whatnot Wednesday so I thought I would have a Whynot Friday cause well why not? J  I also do not have one of those cute buttons for this either so lets just pretend that there is one here.  Ok so I cannot promise this will be an every Friday thing but it will be this Friday. J Please bear with me I am kinda in a silly mood.  Well this is my birthday edition for this Whynot special. 

-         So the day of my birthday I was woke up by the sweetest birthday wishes from all of my boys.  Singing Happy Birthday to me, what a way to start my day!
-         After I got out of the shower to my surprise there were a couple of cards and some presents waiting for me!  My favorite was the cards, I don’t know why but I just love cards, they make me feel special!  Josh has gotten me a pair of shoes I had wanted but probably would not have gotten.  And my sweet SIL got me 2 5th Ave candy bars.  I just love those things.  We had a conversation one day about our favorite nostalgic candy bars and I loved these things as a kid…who am I kidding I still do!
-         When I got to work one of my friends there Kimmons made me a very YUMMY breakfast…eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and chocolate gravy!  What you have never heard of chocolate gravy before either, yeah well one day we were talking about breakfast foods and she mentioned this and I was like WHAT?  She said it was like gravy but chocolate!  Ok can never go wrong there.  Well it was really, really YUMMY!!!
-         Oh I almost forgot to tell you about my umm first birthday wish when I got to work!  So I was sitting at my desk when I heard this noise behind me….I turned around to look, nothing.  Turned around again and something dropped, when I saw something I thought at first it was a wasp and went to go get the fly swatter.  To my surprise the wasp started climbing up the wall…wait what they don’t normally do that!  Oh that is because it was a MASSIVE ROACH!!!!  Oh how I despise these things, I quickly got a can of Raid and sprayed the mess out of that thing!  Happy Birthday to me! J
-         Well my sweet hubby took me to lunch, we went to Zaxby’s because they have this fabulous birthday cake milkshake and well since it was my birthday, he thought I needed one.  I really enjoyed getting to eat lunch with him because we do not get to do that very often and I really cherished that!  When I got back to work I had a very delicious cake waiting for me that a co-worker had make for me! Mmmmm!
-         My birthday fell on a Wednesday so when we got back from church Jessica had made me another cake!  Yes I was on a sugar high for the next couple of days…yeah I am still on one!  Well she let the boys help make my cake, which I love and they wanted to put sprinkles on it cause a cake without sprinkles is just not a cake. J  As Jessica turned around to help them Taylor had the sprinkle container turned upside down in his mouth!  Well then that just made Caleb want to do that too and before I knew it they were trying out every sprinkle thing before they put it on my cake.  I guess I should be thankful for that J 
-         So all in all I had such an amazing birthday and I can not thank everyone enough for the calls, cards and wonderful FB messages!!  Hope you have a great Whynot Friday!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day reminds me how blessed I am

You know when I first found out that I was pregnant I did not know what to expect, I mean for most of my life all I really wanted to be was to be a mom.  I can remember a conversation with my grandpa where I told him how I did not think college was for me and that I knew someday I would be a mom and wanted to stay at home.  Well about 3 years later after that conversation my wish came true and I would never want it any other way.  Now at the current time I do not get to stay at home but we are working (for – remove) hard to get me back home!  Being a mom has taught me so many wonderful things about myself; although not all the time did I think they were all wonderful.  I have 3 amazing boys in my life and they bless me everyday and I feel so lucky to be the wife of one and the mother to the other two.  Now there are days I feel like I could probably pull all my hair out but when I hear just 4 words it is all wiped away…I LOVE YOU MOMMY!!! 
Poor Caleb had to be the little guinea pig while I tried to work out all of my issues and then come to find I will work on those for the rest of my life.  I don’t want to sound like every thing is perfect in our family, but I do feel so blessed.  Sometimes I wonder if this is really the life I am living!  Well I hope all you mothers out there had a great Mother’s Day and even if you are not a mom yet I pray you still had a great day!

If you do not mind I would love to tell you a bit about my weekend.  It started on Friday; I rushed home to try to make my self look decent for my date night with my hubby!  We went to one of my favorite restaurants…The Melting Pot and it was so yummy!  We went with some great friends so that made for some great birthday memories! Anyone who knows me would be very proud to know that I ate a bite of lobster and part of a strawberry…yes I said strawberry and can say that I still do not care for either one. J

Well Saturday Josh took the boys out for a daddy day! I just love that he is such a great father to them, I hope they grow up to be half the man that Joshua is.  Anywho so what would any girl do when she has about 3 hours of time to herself…watch a chick flick, take a long bath, paint my nails no rather I spent the entire 3 hours cleaning!  I put away winter clothes and went through some of my own clothes to toss out.  We went to the pond while daddy had to go to work for a little while, where Caleb jumped into the pond went all the way under and popped back up! He was very proud of himself…mommy was a tad nervous and well you should ask his uncle who was in the water with him how nervous he was J
Sunday morning the boys surprised me and when I say surprised I actually mean Taylor kept trying to tell me what I got and the kind of card I got J My favorite thing was Josh let the boys pick out my mother’s day card and well they decided to get me a birthday Avatar singing card!  I loved it because it is what they picked out J Oh and I finally got my flower from Taylor that he had been telling me about since last Thursday.  My 3 boys did the cleaning that I did not get to on Saturday and Josh’s dad and sister cooked an awesome dinner!  All the boys helped clean off the table.  So yes I can say I had a wonderful, amazing, blessed day!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hey batter, batter, batter!

Well t-ball season has finally started and I am more excited than I thought I would be.  Monday night was Caleb's very first t-ball game and the whole family in MS went.  We actually all piled in the Expedition, I wish I had a picture of that cause we were packed from the front to the back and I loved it!  Caleb did so good actually all the kids did really well some had done this last year and it was neat to see how well they did catching and hitting without the tee.  Caleb hit the ball once with out the tee and once with it, I was so proud especially since we actually have not worked to much with him( yes I know we are awful parents  ).  He caught and threw a couple of them too.  It was so funny to see when the ball was hit all the kids would scramble to get it, at one point Caleb was getting upset cause he had not got one, it was funny seeing him pout.  But Caleb always surprises me with the sweet spirit that he has, in the middle of the game Caleb starts talking to one of his teammates, well apparently when Caleb threw the ball to the pitcher, the coach, the boy ran in front of the ball and almost got hit in the back of the head so Caleb went over there to say he was sorry! He then moved out of the way so another boy could catch a ground ball, he told Josh "I already got one daddy, I want him to have a turn".  I pray he keeps that sweet spirit!  Taylor did not get to see much of the game he was too busy EATING and saying I am still hungry mommy...and we ate dinner before the game.  That boy eats and eats and eats.  He is funny now because he now tells you that whatever he is getting is good for you.  Like he will be eating candy or something and say "Mommy candy is good for you".  I think he is getting that a bit mix up with the candy tasting good. :)
So I was excited cause I thought I was going to be the Team Mom and I don't know why but I really was excited but in t-ball drama news someone got it before I did and I have to tell you I was pretty bummed out but maybe next year.  Anywho I hope you enjoy some of the pictures, I wish I had the ones that I took during the game but I had not had a chance to upload those yet so I will post those next time. 
One of my favorite moments was the very end there was a boy who has autism and he got the chance to hit the ball, he hit it, then got to just run all the bases and seeing the joy on his face umm yeah I was crying!!  So sweet!  I pray you all have a joyful week!!
my joys before the game

I just think he looks like a natural

Taylor with the popcorn that his Pop got for him

And you always need a family photo!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

5 Random thoughts from this week

Ok so it is drawing near the end of the week and I thought it would be kinda of neat to give you my top 5 things that have been on my little brain. J

1)      The other day as I was driving home from work I was listening to K-Love and I heard a quote that really spoke to me and I loved it.  It is from Louie Giglio and he spoke about this at this years Passion conference (would love to go to one of those) and he said “Why do we say small prayers to such a Big God”.  At first I was like what all these things matter to him but then when I dug a little deeper I thought about how sometimes I just give Him the small things and try to take care of the bigger things myself, does anyone else do this?  Also I thought that something small to me might be big to you and vice versa.  I was talking to Josh about this last night and he gave a great analogy he said to us driving to the gas station is not a big deal but to a 15 year old who just got his permit it could be.  So this has been something I have been pondering about.

2)      I registered Caleb for kindergarten; yep that was a big step for me.  I did feel like a bad mom when I found out that day that you could bring your child with you to meet the teachers and yeah I did not do that.  But I got there handed her my papers and forms, she just check that I had all my stuff and said well that’s it….Wait, what that is it I told her there should be something big for me cause this was a momentous thing for me J  She just smiled and said it is for a lot of moms J

3)      Do any of you deal with insecurity, surely not?  Just kidding.  But this thing with insecurity has good and bad days.  Some days I can just be positive and not let it get me down but there are others days where I just see things and it just crumbles me.  I do know that God is walking/helping me through this every step of everyday and I am so thankful that I have that.  My friend Emily posted this verse awhile back and I just try and recite this when my insecurity wears it ugly head.

4)      Four the past 3 weeks a friend of mine and me have been going to this boot camp fitness thing to help jump start us to “trying” to be more active.  Whew I really wish you all could see us we are a sight to see.  I did not realize how out of shape I was until I was asked to jog!  Man ol’ mighty!  Well this past week we worked on our glutes and can I just tell you how bad my butt is hurting right now, I can barely sit my muscles hurt so bad.  Ok so this is nothing really big just thought I could give you all a laugh J

5)  Prayer! That has been the thing I have done and needed the most. I know we are suppose to always pray but for some reason this past couple weeks it has been the thing I have needed to do the most of. And the thing is that I actually don’t know what I am praying for I am just praying. We are praying for us a house of our own. We are praying for me to be able to stay home or be there as much as I can, cause has you might have read before that I feel God calling me to be at home again or just being able to just be there for my boys more…don’t know when or how but I do feel that call. We have had several opportunities fall through and some more possibly becoming available. We want to make sure we get into the house that God wants us in, not just the first one that becomes available. Both finding a house and me hopefully getting to spend more time home with the boys are going to have to be a God thing. But he has shown us that he can do amazing things with situations that can seem hopeless. We know he has a plan, I guess more than anything we need to pray for peace in that knowledge. It’s hard to wait on someone else, even when it’s God. I am waiting to hear that small maybe big voice from my Savior!

I pray you all are having a great and joyous week, I know we are!  Things are still uncertain but one thing for sure is that I have a wonderful Savior!!! 

Bonus:  One of my favorite songs right now is from Casting Crowns “Glorious Day”, it is helping prepare my heart for Easter!  Check it out  J

"Each one should test their own actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else” ~Galatians 6:4

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What a weekend!!

Wow!  That is how I have to say this weekend was.  It was a busy one but a beautiful, joyous and just plain wonderful weekend with my family!  Saturday morning Josh had his 3rd annual Men’s Easter Egg Hunt, and it was a big success.  I think God has just blessed Josh with an amazing ability to draw people in and make them feel so comfortable.  Well while the men folk were playing so were the kids.  They were down playing in the pond, and well starting to look more and more like boys…covered in mud J.  I went down to check on them and what did my wandering eyes see but my youngest son stark neked!  All I could think was how I wanted to get a picture for you know that folder you keep with pictures for his wife to see J But I refrained and just took one from afar.   I did happen to ask Caleb where his brothers underwear went and he pointed to the back of the woods.  I kindly asked if you could please go get them and when he came back this is how he came back with them. J

We came in for a bath cause that afternoon the boys were going to get their haircut and I really did not need the boys smelling like pond water. Hehe. Taylor and I went down for a quick nap.  We then ventured off to Wal-Mart to get haircuts, a few odds and ends and then went to go get Caleb his first pair of cleats and a glove.  As we were going checking out at Wal-Mart I slowly remember why I usually come by myself, it was not because they were bad but because we spent so much money!!!  Mercy, then on top of that we went to Hibbett’s to get Caleb’s shoes and glove, so yeah.  But I would not take back the look on Caleb’s face as he was trying on his first pair of cleats he was so excited!  We came home that night ate upstairs and watched “Tangled”.  Just love that movie!!

Sunday was Caleb’s first t-ball practice and he was beyond thrilled, he kept asking if we were going to the “real” baseball fields.  Well as we were walking to the fields Caleb was walking next to me and I really don’t know why but I really treasured that walk.  He just had this huge smile on his face and he said to me “Mama I think I am going to meet some new friends and if they are shy I will just tell them my name.”  I just thought how proud I am that he is my son, makes you wonder how proud God was for His Son.  As I stood there I just prayed that God would help lead that heart to do great things. 

So then we watched and he did really well, and then I can not forget Taylor.  That boy just flashes his little smile and he whoo’s the girls, see these are the friends he met below and he had a blast!  Such a flirt

Well after practice we thought we would celebrate and go to Ya-Ya’s, it is a frozen yogurt place and oh so good.  The boys loved getting to pick their own flavor and own toppings.  We then headed to the Grove, they were having a concert there and it was The Goo Goo Dolls!  That was a really good time, the boys just thought it was really neat.  Then we headed home to get ready for bed, lets just say we did not hear much out of the boys that night J That was our weekend, how was yours?

this is The Grove

I will be filled with joy because of you.  I will sing praises to your name, O Most High ~~ Psalm 9:2