Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The good, the bad and the blessed!

Whew!  That is what I have to say for the past week I had.  All last week and I do mean all last week I had that nasty flu bug and it got me down good!  It started last Sunday I just was not feeling so good and Monday I had the day off and was so excited to spend the day with my boys but we all spent it sick!  I was kinda ok with it because they were my snuggle bugs!  By Tuesday it was really bad, for both me and for Caleb.  He woke up early because he had just thrown up L poor little guy.  I was told by my hubby and MIL that I would not be going to work Wednesday.  Well Thursday I thought I was feeling a tad bit better and thought I should go back to work…WRONG!  Ughh I made it through the day but my supervisor told me I should just stay home on Friday, guess I looked that bad J.  But can I tell you as sick as I was this week, my heart was just so blessed!  You see my boys just loved all over me and prayed for me and loved on me some more J Caleb told me just about every hour how much he loved me, he also did not leave my room during the time I was sick, he said he just wanted to be near me.  Make my heart just smile!  One day I told him how special he was making me feel and he told me that is because I was special!  Taylor would come pop in my room and say “mommy I love you!” Yep I felt so blessed.  Ok I know I am doing a bit of bragging but well I can so there, hehe J.  Josh has been such a blessing too, he has taken such great care of me, the whole family really has but for my hubby it just means so much more to me!  On Thursday when I attempted to go to work I did not have the strength to hold the blow dryer to dry my hair and he was sweet enough to do it for me.  I just love that man!  I am feeling much better today and have appreciated all the prayers and calls.

Switching gears we have some big things that have happened in the Gregory household.  First thing that happened was the boys got their own beds!  And they are so excited about them.  See they have had to share a bed for the past year and it was time for them to get their own.  So one of Josh’s brothers friends(did you catch all that J) had some from when he moved into his new house and just gave us two twin beds for free!!!  We were beyond excited, what a blessing.  Well I did not know how the boys were going to react to their beds but they were absolutely excited about them and have slept so good for the past week now!

Also we got a new to us car!  We have finally got us a 2nd vehicle it is a 2004 Ford Expedition and we are just so in love with it.  God really had his hand in finding a car for us.  We had just started looking for one and had a pretty standard price range.  Well Josh was wanting something under 10k and I told him he was crazy…guess I turned out to be the crazy one cause I just happen to be talking with one of my friends from church and she asked "yall looking for a car, what kind?" I said something like an SUV and we would really like 3rd row seating.  She then told me I needed to talk with this lady in particular cause she was selling her car and it was under 10k!  So we went and looked at it and it was just what we were looking for.  Even better was that they were the only owners and took great care of the car.  We still knew we needed to pray about it and spend the next week praying, well lo and behold it is ours now J

This week or should I say even month has just been the month of Love, God has shown that He is in control and works things out in His time!  I hope this month has been one of just pure love!  Before I leave you I would like to ask if you could help me pray because being at home this week I felt very strongly God telling me that my time working was possibility coming to an end and that my calling to be a stay at home mommy is what would be next. So please pray as we look into this, as many of you know that is where my heart is so I just don’t want to jump the gun but I also don’t not want to do something I am suppose to be doing. 
This is from our murder mystery Valentines banquet! So much fun!

This is from our second date night in one month!!!

The boys in their new beds!!!


Thomas E. (Ed) Gregory, Col. USMC (Ret) said...

Good title for this one! Glad you're feeling better!

Emily :) said...

So excited for God's many blessings! So glad you are feeling better and I will be praying for your decision, friend!