Thursday, October 28, 2010

Extraordinary Women 10'

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.  ~Romans 15:13~

Whoa, what a wonderful refreshing weekend this has been. I spent Friday night and all day Saturday at the Extraordinary Woman’s conference in Tupelo.  It was a very enlightening weekend for me.  I discovered some things about me that I really did not like but I also saw that I am not alone and satan SHALL NOT PASS!! (I will get to that later)
Friday:  We opened up with Chonda Pierce and as always she never fails to deliver a funny and yet very deep message to us sisters in Christ about the struggles of depression.  We ended our night with a wonderful concert from MercyMe, man they are AWESOME!  I just love to look around and see women or really anyone for that matter just worship God, such a beautiful sight.
Well we started on Saturday bright and early… and speaking of early I would kinda like to talk to Mrs. Julie Clinton and kindly ask her to please push back the time from getting there at 7:30(to get good seats) to maybe just maybe…9:30, I would just love to start by feeling a bit rested J But anywho Sheri Rose Shepherd started the day out and she is a former Mrs. America.  She was funny well actually all the ladies were actually really funny. The key point in her message to us was that nothing can cancel God’s calling in your life aside from the lies you believe about yourself.  We are to fight the good fight, we are God’s princess’s (I have always wanted to be a princessJ) and if you are a mom with boys tell them they are God’s might warriors. She also gave a great acronym

F- ind your first love!
I- dentify yourself
G- et over yourself
H- ear His voice
T-reasure obedience

Angela Thomas taught us about laying down our bitterness and picking up the peace and joy of God.  She also gave us 7 points of embracing powerful peace

God is peace- 1 Thessalonians 5:23
God sent His son, Jesus to be the Prince of Peace- Isaiah 9:6
When we become a follower, we have His peace- John 14:27
Staying connected to God gives us peace- John 15
The spirit of God produces peace in our lives- Galatians 5:22
The deep abiding peace from God is almost unexplainable- Philippians 4:7
One day, we will live in peace Isaiah 57:2

We broke for lunch and Stormie Ormartian was up and man I feel so bad because she gets the bad timeslot to me I mean the combination of waking up early and then had just eaten well I am a bit on the tired side and oh I feel so embarrassed to say this but I did not catch much from her.  Boy I am terrible but my friend was giving our Monday night WMU meeting some of her notes from the weekend and she said that Stormie said “don’t let where you are become a prophecy of where you will stay, and I actually love that statement.  Too many times I think we get comfortable where we (I) are and not let God move in us and change us to grow.

Well we ended our day with one speaker that I was actually most excited to hear Lysa TerKeurst.  Does that name maybe sound a little familiar, well she is the president of Proverbs31 ministries and writes a daily devotional at  I read those just about everyday and she writes in such a way that I feel like I know her personally, crazy I know.  I actually got the chance to talk with her face to face and for some weird reason I actually got star struck and all I could say to her was thank you, over and over again J Well she was just so sweet to take just a moment before she went on stage to speak and sign my friends book and talk with us.  She has one awesome testimony and you can actually read about it here.  What two things I just took to my heart was she said that our reaction will determine our reach for Christ.  Meaning that how we react to things can determine how others will perceive us.  The second thing was the statement “not that I have too, but that I am able too!” Which I am so guilty of, now I am learning to be ok with the things that might be on my list for the day because I am able to do them.  So that is some of the notes I got from this weekend, I pray that you all had a great weekend as well and that you might be able to get a piece of what this conference was. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy 5th birthday Agent Scarface

Caleb, today is a day that has been much harder than I thought it would.  For some reason turning a whole hand…turning 5 has been a lot for me to take in.  You are no longer my little toddler you are such a sweet young boy!  You are one of the most loving, compassionate, giving boys.  You always give the sweetest complements and you try very hard to make sure no one gets left out.  On Sunday mornings you always pass out toys and candy so that everyone has something.  For your birthday this past weekend you were very concerned because you did not know whether your friend Daniel, who can not have gluten, would be able to have cake at your party.  I don’t know many kids who would think of something like that and on their birthday!  You are starting to become quite the comedian from when I asked you to get off the table and you said that Auntie sits on it and I said if Auntie jumped off a bridge would you?(yes I used that J) and your response was “Well would she catch me?” Oh you make me giggle.  Caleb you say some of the sweetest most endearing prayers, you thank Him for getting to go to church, to being thankful that your Daddy and Mommy made it home safely today.  I see glimpses of the man I think you will become and it just makes me smile.  You look up to your daddy so much and just adore him and I am so thankful that you have the kind of daddy who takes time to guide you into becoming a man after God’s heart.  Caleb I pray for you every night, God has BIG plans for your life and I am so eager to see you become the man He has made you to be!