Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The adventures of Caleb and Taylor

Down the stairs came Caleb and Taylor carrying their backpacks.  Daddy asked "Where are yall going".  To their response was "We are going to church".  Nana then said "Well do you have your bibles?"  So they quickly raced up the stairs to get them and told everyone bye then said "We are headed to church".  After a couple of minutes the adults decided it might be a good idea to go and check on the boys.  When they looked outside they saw Caleb pulling on knobs, twisting things and looking under the hood of the lawnmower.  Taylor ran in and said in his cute little voice "There are no keys in the mower!" So Pop so kindly said  "Well there are keys in my truck".  Taylor got the most excited look on his face and said "Oh I've got to tell Caleb!" then ran out the door yelling "CALEB THERE ARE KEYS IN POP'S TRUCK!!!"

These two have quite alot of adventures together and I can't wait to see what else they will have!!  Oh and on a side note the boys did not make it to the church =)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The first of many... =)

Last week my little man you started your first day of kindergarten and as much as I wanted to be sad(even though I really, really was!!) I could not help but smile because you just amaze me with all you take on.  A good friend the other day said that you face the world with all you have and that is so true!  You have no fear but have such great wisdom for a 5 year old and you make such good choices!  You ran to your class without any fear but were perceptive enough to know to look back and give your mom the biggest hug around her neck so that she knew you would be ok and she needed that more than you will ever know!  I pray that you know God is always with you and pray for Him to help you make good choices as you start this new journey of your life.  Your dad, Taylor and I love you with all that we have but we know God loves you so much more.  Love you big boy!!

Caleb and his sweet teacher!
Us with our little man!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One HUGE milestone!!!

Last weekend we celebrated the 100th birthday of my great granny!!  That is a HUGE milestone in anyone’s life.  My granny is an amazing woman and has gone through so much in her life.  She was one of I think I remember right 10 kids.  Also her mother’s sister died when she was real young and brought in her kids so there was a bunch.  She has had a rough but wonderful life.  She has dementia, so she really does not remember too many people but she is still as feisty as ever and I love that about her, kind of think that may be where I get some of mine from J  She has raised 5 amazing kids, one being my grandma who is my inspiration.  My grandma goes to see her mom almost every day at the nursing home, even though she does not always remember her, just so she can spend time with her.  I just love that!  She had a pretty good time at her party but I must say toward the end she was done and kept telling us to get out of her house, even told me she would get a switch after me.  All I could do was smile.   I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful granny!  Happy 100th Birthday Granny!!!!