Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The first of many... =)

Last week my little man you started your first day of kindergarten and as much as I wanted to be sad(even though I really, really was!!) I could not help but smile because you just amaze me with all you take on.  A good friend the other day said that you face the world with all you have and that is so true!  You have no fear but have such great wisdom for a 5 year old and you make such good choices!  You ran to your class without any fear but were perceptive enough to know to look back and give your mom the biggest hug around her neck so that she knew you would be ok and she needed that more than you will ever know!  I pray that you know God is always with you and pray for Him to help you make good choices as you start this new journey of your life.  Your dad, Taylor and I love you with all that we have but we know God loves you so much more.  Love you big boy!!

Caleb and his sweet teacher!
Us with our little man!!

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