Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fun in the Sun

Whew, I think I am still recovering from our fun filled vacation.  We had such a blast last weekend.  This post will just give a small glimpse in our vacay and overload of some pictures, if that is ok with you…oh it is, great! 
We drove down on Saturday morning, the boys were so excited because we were in our new vehicle and they could watch their movies in there.  As soon as we got into town we went straight to my parents’ house to get kinda fixed up.  We would be taking some family pictures in about 2 hours.  Well to my surprise when we got there my parents’ air went out!  So umm yeah I was trying to blow dry my hair in about 90 degree weather, can you say frizz!!!  Before we arrived at the park where we were having our pictures made, I kinda told…ok maybe threatened a hair that they better put their best smiles on :)  They did great a little too great, Carrie who was taking our pictures asked them to act silly and all they would do was smile…opps
Woke up Sunday and had breakfast at one of our favorite breakfast places…Coram’s, if you are from the PC area you know where I am talking about!  Then we headed to Shipwreck Island for a day in the sun.  The boys LOVED the park, they played really hard and never showed any signs of being tired, unlike their parents.  Their two favorite places to go was the wave pool and the “crazy” river ride as Caleb likes to call it - or you may know it as the Lazy River.  We got there soon after the park opened and left just a bit before it closed.  Fun in the sun it was. 


Monday we were headed to Navarre Beach to visit some really good friends of ours and their boys and ours are really close.  But first we needed to go have some breakfast, but they just opened a Bob Evans near the mall and I have eaten there before and it was so yummy!!  So we decided to give it a try, bad move should have stuck with Coram’s.  The service was ok but it was so slow!!  And what I got was not like what I had before but we eventually finished and made our way to the Platt’s.  Each time we get together with their family it is like we have never been apart and I just love that!  The boys stayed up until 11:30 and until their heads hit the pillow they were all playing hard!  Tuesday Josh and Greg went to some gun exhibit in Eglin so Linda and I took the kids to the park.  This park was awesome!  It had a really nice play set, and water pad thing that water shoots up from the ground (it was really neat!), a pier and was near the beach.  So we did them all!  I have to tell a short story about myself.  As we were walking along the pier, Linda looked over the edge to see the turtles but to her little eye she saw a snake and called the boys to come look.  Well of course it would be my son who would look over and drop his flip flop right by the snake.  So I told Linda to keep her eye out for it and I was going to go and get the flip flop, well I stand here to tell you that I did it!  Now the snake was only about this long _______________________________________________________________ but it was still a snake.  There is actually a funny story to go with it but it is too long to write.  We came back and rested a bit then headed back out to the beach that evening, and boys could not have been any happier.
Well we packed up Wednesday and headed home, the boys did not want to leave and Evan even told me he did not want this day to end L  Had a really great visit and can’t wait to do it again.  We headed back to MS but made our last stop to visit 2 of our other friends, The Gables.  Kelly has said we are now Mississippi sisters and I love that, because we are two girls born and raised in good ol’ Panama City, Fl.and MS has been quite a change for us both, so it just seems fitting for us. We had a good dinner with them just chatting and catching up.  Finally made it home around 10pm.  Whew!  Now that I am starting to catch back up, I will be heading out on Sunday to be a chaperone for our youth’s mission trip, looking forward to it but please pray for me. J  I’m sure I will be telling you all about that soon too!!! 

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