Friday, May 13, 2011

Whynot Friday- Birthday Edition!!

Ok so I can never make a blog in time for Whatnot Wednesday so I thought I would have a Whynot Friday cause well why not? J  I also do not have one of those cute buttons for this either so lets just pretend that there is one here.  Ok so I cannot promise this will be an every Friday thing but it will be this Friday. J Please bear with me I am kinda in a silly mood.  Well this is my birthday edition for this Whynot special. 

-         So the day of my birthday I was woke up by the sweetest birthday wishes from all of my boys.  Singing Happy Birthday to me, what a way to start my day!
-         After I got out of the shower to my surprise there were a couple of cards and some presents waiting for me!  My favorite was the cards, I don’t know why but I just love cards, they make me feel special!  Josh has gotten me a pair of shoes I had wanted but probably would not have gotten.  And my sweet SIL got me 2 5th Ave candy bars.  I just love those things.  We had a conversation one day about our favorite nostalgic candy bars and I loved these things as a kid…who am I kidding I still do!
-         When I got to work one of my friends there Kimmons made me a very YUMMY breakfast…eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and chocolate gravy!  What you have never heard of chocolate gravy before either, yeah well one day we were talking about breakfast foods and she mentioned this and I was like WHAT?  She said it was like gravy but chocolate!  Ok can never go wrong there.  Well it was really, really YUMMY!!!
-         Oh I almost forgot to tell you about my umm first birthday wish when I got to work!  So I was sitting at my desk when I heard this noise behind me….I turned around to look, nothing.  Turned around again and something dropped, when I saw something I thought at first it was a wasp and went to go get the fly swatter.  To my surprise the wasp started climbing up the wall…wait what they don’t normally do that!  Oh that is because it was a MASSIVE ROACH!!!!  Oh how I despise these things, I quickly got a can of Raid and sprayed the mess out of that thing!  Happy Birthday to me! J
-         Well my sweet hubby took me to lunch, we went to Zaxby’s because they have this fabulous birthday cake milkshake and well since it was my birthday, he thought I needed one.  I really enjoyed getting to eat lunch with him because we do not get to do that very often and I really cherished that!  When I got back to work I had a very delicious cake waiting for me that a co-worker had make for me! Mmmmm!
-         My birthday fell on a Wednesday so when we got back from church Jessica had made me another cake!  Yes I was on a sugar high for the next couple of days…yeah I am still on one!  Well she let the boys help make my cake, which I love and they wanted to put sprinkles on it cause a cake without sprinkles is just not a cake. J  As Jessica turned around to help them Taylor had the sprinkle container turned upside down in his mouth!  Well then that just made Caleb want to do that too and before I knew it they were trying out every sprinkle thing before they put it on my cake.  I guess I should be thankful for that J 
-         So all in all I had such an amazing birthday and I can not thank everyone enough for the calls, cards and wonderful FB messages!!  Hope you have a great Whynot Friday!!!

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