Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ramblings for your Wednesday afternoon

Did you all have a wonderful 4th of July, we had a great weekend and holiday!  Here are just a few ramblings of things that have happened in the past few weeks.

-We had our VBS about 2 weeks ago.  Our theme for this year was “The Race”, done in like a Nascar theme.  We had the best time, Josh and I did the music this year and had a blast with the kids.  We have such an amazing staff that can come up with some wonderful ideas.  Our old children’s pastor, youth pastor and pastor all helped with coming up with the lessons for each night.  Scott (our youth pastor) well God has just blessed him with such an amazing artistic ability, he build our set for VBS each year and it looks so good!  We had 3 children give their lives to Christ that week!! Amen!

-Yesterday marked the day the boys and I were driving from Florida to Mississippi, Josh and his dad had already made the trip the day before.  I just think how encouraging it is to see how far God has taken us.  We have been through some really rough patches over the past 2 years but He has shown us so much and has allowed us to grow in ways I don’t think would have happened if we had not made this move.  We are still praying for some things…like a house J but if there is one thing we have learned is that God has a plan and things will happen when they are suppose to happen and we just need faith to trust that!

-Last week I got to put in my notice for work and I am beyond the moon.  Here is one example that God answers prayers and when He speaks He has a plan.  In that blog is where I felt God was saying it was time to come back home with the boys but it was not quite time yet.  And now things have worked out so that I can, things will be tight but it is so worth it to be able to be home with the boys and do what I feel I was made to do.  I can’t wait to spend the day with Taylor and to drive Caleb to and from school. That is still a hard one for me to swallow, Caleb and school but I think I am getting a bit better with it…ok not really but let’s pretend to help me feel a bit better J

-The boys went to see Cars 2 with one of their buddies Nikolas, and they all had the best time.  It was a pretty funny movie, not as good as first but still cute.  At one point Taylor asked when the movie was going to start and Nikolas said “when you see cars, then the movie has started”. Oh the logic of kids

-We went to a friend’s house yesterday and had a cookout.  They made ribs, pasta salad, potato casserole, roasted corn and a cake but there was also watermelon, pie that I made and cucumbers, you would have thought we were feeding an army but it was so yummy!  We went swimming, the boys jumped on the trampoline…I did not try that one too many people there to watch.  And then we headed out to see the fireworks.  We had such a great time, the boys did not want the day to end.  I feel so blessed to have this family in our lives right now.  Beverly has become such a wonderful friend to me these past few months.  One thing that I have learned recently is that God puts people in your life just when you need them, some are there for a season or two and some are there for a lifetime.  I think this is one of those lifetime ones J

-I am really starting to believe Caleb may become a preacher one day.  As we were on our way out to see the fireworks the boys were talking about sins, God and Jesus.  Well Taylor asked why Jesus died and Caleb told him for our sins, that is when Taylor asked what sins were so we explained that one.  Then Caleb said that Jesus died so we would go to heaven and see Him.  Taylor then said that he did not want to go to heaven yet, Caleb said you do want to go to heaven, not right now but you do or you will go to the devil and you DO NOT want to go there J Josh and I just grinned and Taylor just said Oh…!

-I almost forgot on Saturday we, and when I say we I mean Josh’s dad and Josh, set up the redneck slip n slide.  We had some friends over and went to slipin and slidin and had the best time.  Last year Taylor was not too sure but this year he was all about it and even climb the hill that the slide is on.  This slide will bring out the kid in everyone!  Well I hope you had a great 4th of July weekend and I pray you have a joyous week!!

just love cute little boys in goggles!

Taylor was not happy about this

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