Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What a weekend!!

Wow!  That is how I have to say this weekend was.  It was a busy one but a beautiful, joyous and just plain wonderful weekend with my family!  Saturday morning Josh had his 3rd annual Men’s Easter Egg Hunt, and it was a big success.  I think God has just blessed Josh with an amazing ability to draw people in and make them feel so comfortable.  Well while the men folk were playing so were the kids.  They were down playing in the pond, and well starting to look more and more like boys…covered in mud J.  I went down to check on them and what did my wandering eyes see but my youngest son stark neked!  All I could think was how I wanted to get a picture for you know that folder you keep with pictures for his wife to see J But I refrained and just took one from afar.   I did happen to ask Caleb where his brothers underwear went and he pointed to the back of the woods.  I kindly asked if you could please go get them and when he came back this is how he came back with them. J

We came in for a bath cause that afternoon the boys were going to get their haircut and I really did not need the boys smelling like pond water. Hehe. Taylor and I went down for a quick nap.  We then ventured off to Wal-Mart to get haircuts, a few odds and ends and then went to go get Caleb his first pair of cleats and a glove.  As we were going checking out at Wal-Mart I slowly remember why I usually come by myself, it was not because they were bad but because we spent so much money!!!  Mercy, then on top of that we went to Hibbett’s to get Caleb’s shoes and glove, so yeah.  But I would not take back the look on Caleb’s face as he was trying on his first pair of cleats he was so excited!  We came home that night ate upstairs and watched “Tangled”.  Just love that movie!!

Sunday was Caleb’s first t-ball practice and he was beyond thrilled, he kept asking if we were going to the “real” baseball fields.  Well as we were walking to the fields Caleb was walking next to me and I really don’t know why but I really treasured that walk.  He just had this huge smile on his face and he said to me “Mama I think I am going to meet some new friends and if they are shy I will just tell them my name.”  I just thought how proud I am that he is my son, makes you wonder how proud God was for His Son.  As I stood there I just prayed that God would help lead that heart to do great things. 

So then we watched and he did really well, and then I can not forget Taylor.  That boy just flashes his little smile and he whoo’s the girls, see these are the friends he met below and he had a blast!  Such a flirt

Well after practice we thought we would celebrate and go to Ya-Ya’s, it is a frozen yogurt place and oh so good.  The boys loved getting to pick their own flavor and own toppings.  We then headed to the Grove, they were having a concert there and it was The Goo Goo Dolls!  That was a really good time, the boys just thought it was really neat.  Then we headed home to get ready for bed, lets just say we did not hear much out of the boys that night J That was our weekend, how was yours?

this is The Grove

I will be filled with joy because of you.  I will sing praises to your name, O Most High ~~ Psalm 9:2  

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