Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hey batter, batter, batter!

Well t-ball season has finally started and I am more excited than I thought I would be.  Monday night was Caleb's very first t-ball game and the whole family in MS went.  We actually all piled in the Expedition, I wish I had a picture of that cause we were packed from the front to the back and I loved it!  Caleb did so good actually all the kids did really well some had done this last year and it was neat to see how well they did catching and hitting without the tee.  Caleb hit the ball once with out the tee and once with it, I was so proud especially since we actually have not worked to much with him( yes I know we are awful parents  ).  He caught and threw a couple of them too.  It was so funny to see when the ball was hit all the kids would scramble to get it, at one point Caleb was getting upset cause he had not got one, it was funny seeing him pout.  But Caleb always surprises me with the sweet spirit that he has, in the middle of the game Caleb starts talking to one of his teammates, well apparently when Caleb threw the ball to the pitcher, the coach, the boy ran in front of the ball and almost got hit in the back of the head so Caleb went over there to say he was sorry! He then moved out of the way so another boy could catch a ground ball, he told Josh "I already got one daddy, I want him to have a turn".  I pray he keeps that sweet spirit!  Taylor did not get to see much of the game he was too busy EATING and saying I am still hungry mommy...and we ate dinner before the game.  That boy eats and eats and eats.  He is funny now because he now tells you that whatever he is getting is good for you.  Like he will be eating candy or something and say "Mommy candy is good for you".  I think he is getting that a bit mix up with the candy tasting good. :)
So I was excited cause I thought I was going to be the Team Mom and I don't know why but I really was excited but in t-ball drama news someone got it before I did and I have to tell you I was pretty bummed out but maybe next year.  Anywho I hope you enjoy some of the pictures, I wish I had the ones that I took during the game but I had not had a chance to upload those yet so I will post those next time. 
One of my favorite moments was the very end there was a boy who has autism and he got the chance to hit the ball, he hit it, then got to just run all the bases and seeing the joy on his face umm yeah I was crying!!  So sweet!  I pray you all have a joyful week!!
my joys before the game

I just think he looks like a natural

Taylor with the popcorn that his Pop got for him

And you always need a family photo!


Cindi Dailey said...

Sweet pictures! Miss you guys!

Emily :) said...

T-ball is so fun! Love the pics!