Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Taylor to you Four is so much more!

Happy Birthday Taylor!!!  Today you turn 4 and you know it, you have been counting downs the days till you did, showing me on your little fingers how old you are and then adding your one little finger to say you will now be four!!!  Taylor I love you so much and you are the funniest little thing.  I love how you can always make me smile.  I love how every morning the first words out of your mouth are "I'm hungry"! and then you ask "you know what my dream about".  I was flipping through pictures and videos today and you were ALWAYS smiling or laughing and that has not changed a bit!  You are such a smart little thing and pick up on things so quickly.  You are VERY strong-willed, some can see that as a bad thing but I know that with God on your dad and I side He will guide us to help steer that strong-will to be an amazing thing! Taylor you are such an amazing boy and your dad,Caleb and I are so blessed with you in it!!! I love you sweet boy and look forward to this next year of so many more milestones!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR!!!!

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