Monday, November 2, 2009

God provides!

Okay last week on my facebook page I posted about how God had blessed me in such a way that I really didn't have words to describe it, well I am going to try to tell you all, but it might be all mumble jumbled because I am just so excited that I can't type faster than I can think, no comments from the peanut gallery :). Anyway as some of you know that we moved at the beginning of July, Josh lost his job and we had no way of supporting all of us without me going back to work, which meant we would need to put the kids in daycare and as many of you know that it is so expensive you might as well stay home! Well Josh's parents offered for us to come stay with them and watch our kids while we both work and get back on our feet! How awesome is God right there providing a way for us. I can not thank Josh's parents enough for allowing us to come into their nice quiet home and bring two boys who are ALL BOY!! and keep them all day too. Well God had a hand at me getting my job, we had been here a week or two and I went out giving my resume and filling out applications. Well I filled one for a place called Southbank, the next day she called and I had an interview set up. Now this is the time to tell you how nervous I was though I have never had a job interview before and I did not know how to sell myself. But I prayed for God to just be with me and not ramble on too much, I have a tendency to do that when I am nervous. Well I thought the interview went ok, I had nothing to compare that too but I was pretty confident. Well that was Monday morning, Tuesday around noon I got a phone call it was the lady I interviewed with to call me to tell me I got the job!!! How awesome is that!! I know that was a God thing. Well God has also provided Josh with a job working for a wonderful Christian man, and even though Josh has not been able to start is own business yet, I believe it is just not the right time yet! Anywho I was so excited but then my excitement turned to sorrow because I realized that I would be leaving my kids for the day and that did not sit well with me! So I had a couple of days where I would just cry myself to sleep because I have always known that God wanted me to be a mommy and wanted me to stay home, but I also realized that we got ourselves into this mess and I needed to help get us out. I still have days where it is really hard and my heart just hurts but I pray and God helps me through the day! Well see I told you I would ramble :) I got all my paperwork filled out, which is a story within itself, maybe for another blog! And when I went to turn it in she told me what I would be getting paid and it was $2 more than what I was quoted, okay can you see God working here, can I get an Amen! Sorry I have always wanted to say that :) Okay I am now going to get to the good stuff!! We had insurance through BCBS and were now having to pay but the insurance through my work was just alittle cheaper so we went through them, well we found out about a state insurance in MS and tried to get that but needed to wait to cancel with my work to make sure we qualified, well I was told I had till my 90 days to cancel and I waited and waited well 2 weeks ago on Wed was when my 90 days was up, and we had not heard anything but I decided to go ahead and cancel with my work. Well that was Tuesday a day before my 90 days, I e-mailed the lady who handles it and got it all cancelled, but I thought I should maybe just ask to make sure that at our next pay period that it would not come out. Well I bet you can guess the news...sorry Amber but it will be taken out!! WHAT!!!! No, no, no it can't I can not afford that right now, ok how much will be taken out,... $239, WHAT!!! Ok this is the part where I started to fell real sick. I believe my boss felt really bad for me and took me out for lunch that day, now how sweet was that, of course food always makes things a hair bit better, especially when it was at a hibachi grill. I just started to do the only thing I knew to do...PRAY!! I told Him I know he knows my situation and ask for Him to comfort me. So the next week was payday and I was so upset that I didn't even bother to look when I first got in. Later on that afternoon I decided to look and you will not believe what I saw, my paycheck looked the same, I was like WHAT!! So I went and ask Mrs.Sheron(my very sweet boss) if I needed to thank someone or prepare for the next paycheck. About an hour later she told me to look at my pay stub online, so I did and I saw the amount of my paycheck and I also saw that the insurance was taken out??? I was just alittle puzzled, she told me since we only get paid the 15th and the 30th that we got paid for 3 weeks!!! I was like WHAT!!! Bet you can't guess what I started to do...yep you guessed it I cried. God provided just like He says He will, would it have been nice to have to extra $239 this week, yes but how awesome that it wasn't less like I though it was. I really can not begin to say how much this put that fire back in my heart that God will provide, He will never leave us! Thank you for listening to me ramble and I hope you were able to get what I was trying to say here. Do not worry then, saying, 'What will we eat?' or 'What will we drink?' or 'What will we wear for clothing?' For the Gentiles eagerly seek all these things; for your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things.~Matthew 6:31-32 And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus~Philippians 4:19

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