Monday, November 23, 2009

God has a perfect plan!

This week is Thanksgiving, and I can’t think of a better way to give thanks to my Lord than to give this awesome testimony of his grace, mercy and triumphantness!! See many of you know our current situation of our house and moving, but many don’t know what all has gone on in my heart and just wanting to give up! I am about to share some stuff that I really hope that you won’t look down on me but see how our Savior rose from someone who did not show His glory all to well and made His glory just shine! See we have made some very poor financial problems in the past and that is part of what landed us where we are, which I know was a God’s plan, but when we got here things still did not seem to be working out. We were/are really struggling to make a lot of things happen. We were past due on a lot of our bills but there just wasn’t anything there. There came a point where I just wanted to give up the house just foreclose on it! I doubted God’s plan, but didn’t realize that is what I was doing. I am so ashamed to say that, that I doubted Him but I one point I did, I really tried hard to stay strong in my faith but there were days that were really hard, he kept telling me “Amber I have a plan, and it is coming together” L There are two verses that kept sticking out and I would turn to. For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.~Jeremiah 29:11 a very familiar verse but He says for I know! He knows our plans and His timing is always perfect! He says in Matthew and in Luke Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life, worrying about things is not going to get me anywhere but praying and my faith will take me to where He needs me to be.

So just last week I was looking at different options with our house, not foreclosure, and again He kept saying please just wait! Well on Sunday night a friend of ours house caught fire and they lost just about everything and we got a call from our former pastor and he asked if we might be willing to let them stay at our, well there was not a doubt in my mind to say yes! Well now they may need somewhere long term and they are going to look at renting OUR house. Okay tell me that was not His perfect plan! But even if they don't I still think that was His showing He has a plan! But when I did find out on Saturday I was in the shower and I just broke down and sobbed, just so ashamed of how can I doubt such a faithful God who shows himself to me time and time again, I just look at my family and where we were 7 years ago and where we are today, He got me through that and is being glorified through that, how could I doubt Him with this, so I just cried well I could feel Him wipe my tears away and say "Amber, my child, why are you sad this should be a joyous time, do not be sad of how it came, be joyful and let my glory shine!" So I now cry tears of pure joy, I have a moment about everyday where I just cry about how perfect His timing was, for "some" reason we could not sell our house and we were not "able" to get the funds together to rent it out hmmm tell me He doesn't know timing :) I am still in shock, which really why am I, of what has happened! I am just so thankful my Savior, who knows that I will doubt still shows Himself so triumphant!

Just an update on how wonderful our Savior is just found out that the they will be moving in and the insurance will be paying our full mortgage!! This just blows me away, He is such a God who provides, I can't even find the right words right now to describe how I am feeling. I am so thankful for who He is and what He does!! I fell blessed beyond belief~Let us therefore come bodly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in the time of need~~Hebrews 4:16


secondhalfcentury said...

We are overjoyed with you and Josh. In this time of world uncertainty, on thing that is still certain, is that God is still on the throne. I also have doubted God and even went so far as to ask Him to prove it. Thoughout the long 14 months during the events leading up to the trial, I was "doubting Thomas." I wore a mask to hide it and instead put on a good front. I needed to be the one that stayed strong for everyone else. I am a fixer and started making plans in my head how I was going to live my life without my husband. I had eveything planned out, just needed to wait for the confirmation. Only when the verdict was read that cold November day three years ago, did I fully "get it!" There have been a few things happen recently which have tested my faith, but I am reminded of that very moment when God poured out His love on my family, and God sends His peace and comfort to cover me like a blanket. God is good all the time and He does things in His time for His glory. We just have to trust and wait on Him. I love you girl. Keep the faith and forget the doubt. God is a God of mercy and love, and deserves all the glory.

Amber Gregory said...

Ohh Mama Patti, I am at work and am crying again :) Thank you for sharing how you also doubted, it helps to know that others won't look down on you. I miss you so much, you are someone who always uplifts me with how you lived your life despite that time where you doubted there were so many people praying, including me! And I look at that and think man God is so great, I look at my family situation and think the same thing, why did I doubt again? He does send His grace and mercy on us, shows us compassion and I am so thankful for that! you are an amazing women of faith, mother and my friend!! I love you!!

Emily :) said...

That is so exciting Amber! So glad to hear how God has worked this out for you!

Amber Gregory said...

thank you Emily, words can't even put into how awesome this is. Thank you for reading God's wonderful testimony! I just want to say thank you for all of your blogs they make me laugh to see all your adventures and how you remain so strong and are able to laugh!