Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I interrupt you to bring you this special announcement

So maybe this isn't the grandest of announcements to everyone but to the Gregory household it is! I was told that yesterday when Josh's truck pulled into the driveway, Taylor looked out the window and with every excitement he had, he started yelling "DADDY, DADDY!!!" I know what you are thinking, great Amber he said his daddy was home. But see for about the past year now he has thought it was some kind of game to call Josh "mommy". It first started out that he just called everyone mommy but then he developed a funny bone and decided it was a joke. Like we would sit around the dinner table and ask Taylor who is this and he would go around...Pop...Nana...Mommy...Bubba...and who is this...MOMMY!!! and he would just laugh and laugh. I know some may think he didn't know how to say it but he has been busted a couple of times accidentally saying it, like Caleb would say "daddy, daddy" and Taylor was right behind him "daddy, daddy", we would say what did you say Taylor and with a surprised look on his face he then would grin and say "mommy, mommy". I remember when we were driving home from Panama City in September and Caleb being the sweet brother he is, trying to "teach" him how to say it, here is how it went in the back seat. Caleb-"daddy" Taylor"mommy" Caleb- no Taylor"daaddy" Taylor- "moommy" Caleb-a quick "daddy!" Taylor-a quick "mommy!" This went on for at least 5 minutes, Taylor would mimic everything inflection of Caleb's voice it was so funny. But now he, meaning just yesterday :) would run around the house "Daddy et' me" (get me) Josh is so proud now and I am too so maybe I won't have to always hear my name being called all the time when he means his daddy! Even though I do love hearing my name, moms you know what I mean, right? So there is your special announcement, you now may go back to your regular scheduled program :)

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