Wednesday, December 16, 2009

That's why you have us!

So yesterday when I got home from work Josh mom said she had a couple of stories to share with me and I thought they were so sweet and funny I really wanted to share, plus I posted a blog about Taylor so I do not want to show favoritism, they better appreciate this later :0)
Nana said that the kids had asked for a tootsie roll and she said they could have one, well when she went to go get it she past by it because she had kinda forgotten, well Caleb and Taylor said "Nana!" she said "What"..."you said we could have a tootsie roll"..."oh yeah I forgot, Nana's thinker is not working today" Caleb then said "Nana that is why you have us!!" that was so funny and yet so sweet!!
In the same day Nana was asking Caleb how old he would have to be to sleep on his own, ok right here I have to say that we are awful Caleb still sleeps with us and we usually stay in his bed until he falls asleep, there I said it now let all the awful comments I deserve to come in :0) Anywho Caleb slowly held up his 4 fingers so Nana then asked "Caleb how old are you" ok I am already chuckling!! Then Caleb slowly held up his little hand of 5 fingers!!! He is such a hoot!!
My little superheros!
Well I hope you have a your dose of my chitlens, oh and here is an update on Caleb. He will be having surgery on the lump that is under his chin on Jan.4. I really stand in awe of him of how brave he is, he is like my own superhero :) He kinda thinks of this has his own little adventure, the last time we talked about it he told all about what the doctor was going to do and was not scared, unlike his mommy! I really don't know where he gets all this courage from cause I know it is not me, I think it is from his daddy or maybe his Heavenly Daddy :) Please if you would keep Caleb...and our family(me!) lifted in your prayers.
Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.~Joshua 1:9

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