Monday, December 14, 2009

Give this Christmas away with Christmas Memories

Last night we had our Adult Cantata and it was titled "Christmas Memories" and I was so touched by all of it. I just loved hearing about different peoples memories of their Christmas's or how this Christmas might be alittle different. Well this year is alittle different for us and I must admit that I was alittle bummed but my 4 year old and some awesome mentors from our church helped me to just open my eyes a bit. See many of you have heard my story about telling Caleb that this year for Christmas he might only get a gift or two it wouldn't be like other Christmas's or even his birthday's. Well to my attonishment he was really ok with it and that made me so proud, just that he wouldn't pitch a fit because he was only getting a few things but he is just so special in that way. Of course he followed up by asking for a pet snake and then a mole when I said no the snake, and then when asked where did he come up with that, he simply replied "Jesus told me" :P Then last night I heard some stories of some of the ladies who have lost their husbands either a few years ago or just recently and it brought my grandpa to mind this year he will be without my grandma, last year he was too but he came a spent Christmas with us, well I am just in love with this song "Give this Christmas away" by Matthew West with Amy Grant. It says if there is love in your heart don't let it stay. I couldn't think of a better way to express Christ birth than showing the love of Him to others. Whether it be by a phone call, a letter, a visit, baking cookies or showing Christ love to someone who is not on your Christmas list, it is easy to give to someone who you like but what could make your heart stronger than to love someone who hasn't show you that kind of love :) you can do so many things to show love to someone which is what God did for us, when Christ was born and to later suffer and die on the cross. I am hoping to give this Christmas to my grandpa by a letter to him and a phone call on Christmas to let him know how much I love him, I really wish I could be there or him here but God knows his needs and I know he will be surrounded by those who will also show love to him. So I ask you how will you give this Christmas away?


Anonymous said...

Amber, You are such a special young women and God will help you through this Christmas.I enjoyed your story about your son and your grandpa. My friends and I gave Christmas away this year by giving gift certificates to two young ladies to buy gifts for their other six sibblings.We met Pat their foster mother at McDonalds and she told us that there are six other children and they are all split up in twos with other families. They do get to visit and get together once a month so we thought it would be nice for them to give gifts to their sibblings. Pat is a wonderful loving christian women and is doing a great job with the two girls. I know God put them in our life for a reason and I feel so blessed. Thank you for sharing your story, We all need to stop and ask how will we give Christmas away this year. We need to remember what God did for us, I don't know that I could of made the sacrafice he did.
Love you,


Amber Gregory said...

Thank you Marilyn, you have always been so encouraging to me and I thank you for that! I think is so awesome what you are doing, I will keep that family lifted up in my prayers! Thank you for reading and I thank you for being a great mentor to me in the way you are living through faith in your life! Love you!