Sunday, December 6, 2009

My little Taylor toot :)

Some love for our little newborn baby!
this is our first family pic I just adore this picture of them
checking on him!
It is so hard for me to believe that 2 years ago we brought home another little bundle of joy. You were so quiet, sweet and cuddly! Well you are still sweet and cuddly but boy have you grown to become such alittle Mr.Personality that you make me have to think that you are still so little, at least in my eyes! I can honestly say that in the beginning of me becoming a mommy I wanted so many children but rethought that after I had Caleb, I didn't know how I could share my love, but as soon as I held you in my arms and you looked up at me that all changed you put a love in my heart that is just undescrible. I have alot of memories of you in my belly.
One of the first was driving up to see Pop and Nana to deliver the news of their second grandchild, it was really neat because they just thought we were coming for a visit in their new home, We also took a youth camp trip and I think I do need to tell you that I am sorry because we were in a church van with umm about 15 BOYS!!! and no A/C, ok those two do not mix well for a prego women. But I think we did rather well and we got alot of exercise while we were there! I can remember prepping your big brother so much for you, and he loves you with every ounce of himself and he loved when you first came home! You love your "bubba" so much and just want to do and say just about everything he says, you too make me laugh just when I think I have had the worst of all days. Since we have been here the past 6 months you have gained quite the personality one of my favs right now is when you "toot" and you say"tat was daddy" ...."no Taylor that was you"...."bubba?, Pop?, Nana?", already blaming everyone else! Oh and there was the time you tried to eat a bee oh how you love to eat :)! I love that you absolutely love to sing and dance, it is the funniest thing and yet still so sweet! You bring alot of laughter into our lives and I am so thankful that God has allowed me to be your mommy, my little Taylor toot!!
Sorry for it being kinda dark but he is so funny, watch his foot, it has alittle hop in it!


Emily :) said...

This is sooo sweet! I love the pic of Caleb and the dog checking on him. :) Abby was the same way with Sarah.

Amber Gregory said...

Thank you Emily :) I love that picture too, it is one of my favorites!!