Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth! :)

I just wanted to take a brief moment to share a few of Taylor's milestones, he is so smart,funny, a handful but I have been so proud to see him grow up so much in the time we have been in Mississippi! Also if you did not notice the title is from Rush Hour, I hope no one thinks I was being rude :) *warning a bunch of cutest is about to be read :)* Here are a few things that he can now say!
* Daddy!!-as many of you know that for the longest time he called him mommy, just for the fun of it, that is his little funny personality coming out!
*"I tuck"-meaning I am stuck because I am some where I don't need to be, funny story one morning I heard him crying I run in to see what was wrong. I look all around and could not see him. I said "Taylor where are you?" then I heard "mommy I tuck" I go and look and there he was stuck between the bed and his crib!!
*"et me"- meaning get me! Which is what he says at the end of each dinner calling "Pop et me"! Wanting his Pop to chase him around the house. I just love those moments!
*Amen-this has to be my favorite because he is now understanding about prayer and that just warms my heart! Him and Caleb both get very upset if we do not say "grace"(that is what Caleb likes to say now) before each meal. Sometimes you will see Taylor bow his head say a couple of gibberish words then AMEN!! So sweet! Caleb usually does the honors at dinner but every once in awhile Taylor likes to say it. Taylor also does not like to go to bed without prayer, I think it might be a stalling technique but for now we will say it is so sweet :), but he will go "eh,eh" bow his little hands and start his little words he knows! I just love this, that both of my boys are understanding and loving to pray!
*"es ham"- Yes ma'am is that one, he is learning really great manners. He says "eeezzz" and "ank you" But when he is in trouble and I say "what do you say Taylor" he will go "es ham" :)
*Cheeetooss-my child loves cheetos, really he likes the big puffy ones but will walk over to the chip drawer and say "cheeto, cheeto!!" Love it!

*I don't wont it!- this is a fav of his, when he is being alittle ornery and does not want something! Or he also says "I wont it" says that when he really wants a toostie roll :)

*"rry"-when he thinks he has really done something wrong or mean he will say sorry in his own way and give lots of kisses!!!

*bocick-this would be pocket, which is where he believes he can find all his bibby's!

*he also calls for "lilo" which is Milo, he loves this cat and follows that poor cat everywhere.

*last night I caught him looking at Caleb's flash cards saying "B,,ck,ck,ck", he was saying the letter B and acting like he was sounding it out, I love that he is trying to learn and understands that concept

There are so many more but I will spare you I just wanted to put some of my fav's! He is forming sentences now and I am just so proud of him. He really loves like I say all the time about him to dance and sing! It is one of the things that just makes the world stop for a moment and I just grin because it is so sweet! Hope you enjoyed just a taste of my little Taylor toot!!

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