Monday, October 26, 2009

Wow there is so many women!

So this past weekend I was able to attend the Extraordinary Women Conference, and let me tell you it was so amazing, I went with 4 other extraordinary women and got to know them alittle better. But it was just so awesome to see so many women come together to glorify Him is just awesome! I caught myself occasionally looking around at all the women praising God and what a sight to see! I wish I could have taken each of you with me to experience this time, but since I can't I will try to share alittle of what I got. Well we started off with comedian Chonda Pierce and she was so funny my cheeks are still hurting! She was able to give her testimony through laughter, she spoke on how we should just feel real and to quit pretending, we shouldn't try to be somebody we are not. Oh I forgot to mention that the theme for this year was "free to be real". About how we have freedom in Christ and we shouldn't let things shackle us up. Well we then got a concert from Mandisa and that girl has got some lungs! She sang so beautifully! She also shared some of her testimony, well actually all the women shared theirs. But she has tried to turn her grief with life into wonderful music. And I believe she is doing a great job. Well on Saturday we started off with our praise and worship leader Charles Billingsly who also led music Friday night and he is a great worship leader but he too is so funny! Well then was Mrs. Stormie Omartian herself, ok here is the part where I will have to apologize because she just got the wrong time slot and I was still alittle tired and really could not concentrate on her, I did hear here testimony and what inspired her to write all the wonderful "Power of a praying..." series. We then had some music which helped me out alot, got me moving. Then Angela Thomas came out, she was awesome she told us that sometimes we have our spiritual eyes closed and we need to open them to what God has for us or what he really is doing in our life! We broke for lunch, and came back for another mini concert with Mark Harris, he used to be in a group called 4Him and he was great, he sang a song with his 14 year old daughter, who did a wonderful job, but to see him look at her with such love and such pride made me start to cry! Well me ended our conference with author Karen Kingsbury, I have never read any of her books, ok if I am getting some gasps I got the same thing when I told the group I went with. Apparently she does alot of books with the Baxter family, and I told them the only Baxter family I knew of was from Boz the bear, you know with Drew and Gracie, oh well if you don't I guess I am just crazy :). Well I guess people really get into these to the point where you feel like you want to pray for them, at least that is what one of my friends said. Well she gave a little about herself and she is so down to earth, she makes you feel like she is just talking to you. But my friends did warn me of a book she wrote that would bring me to tears, well lol and behold she read it!. The book is called "Let me hold you longer". And there was not a single dry eye in the house. It really makes you take a good long look at your children and not to take anything for granted. So to tell you all what I learned would take days, I am still trying to process it all in, but I did learn that I need to keep my eyes open and not to pretend, allow myself to be real with everyone, so they might see just what God is doing in my life and help me have freedom in my life. Well I hope I didn't lose you to much in this blog but I was so excited I just wanted to share a small portion of it. May you all have the power to be set free, free to be real! "The Lord and the Spirit are one and the same, and the Lord' spirit sets us free" ~ II Corinthians 3:17

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