Thursday, July 1, 2010

In better hands

Let me just start this blog by saying we serve an faithful and mighty God!! I just want to give you all an update on Caleb. May of last year Caleb started having these random fevers(reaching as high as 104.something at times), then in July of last year they started coming once a month we noticed a lump about the size of a golf ball under his chin. Well at the present time we could not really go to a specialist because we did not have insurance. We heard about this program in MS that would help you with medical insurance if you qualified. Well we did indeed qualify and come to find out alittle later we actually had full on Medicaid and did not have to pay for a single thing that Caleb had to go through this year. Where some people might be ashamed to say they had Medicaid, I am just thanking the Lord that we did and I do know it was his plan for it to happen that way because Caleb went through some rough patches and we did not have to go deeper into debt because of it. I just find that so awesome! Ok sorry got a bit off track, so we took Caleb to a ENT and said that is was some kind of non-cancerous tumor and needed to be removed….(insert sobbing mother) So in January of 2010 Caleb had his first surgery and had his lump removed. So we thought this would take care of the fevers he had been having but he continued to have fevers so I took him to his doctor and she ran some blood work and one of his test came back abnormal, she thought he could have rheumatoid arthritis. My heart just broke and I just kept thinking what next, what could happen to him next(note to self not a good thing to ask) So in May I sat at work and was reminded of times where God just brought Caleb through many things and will do it again. I checked out for lunch and then received a phone call that Caleb had cut his face open and for those who read that blog, I was surprisingly not worried because of the things God reminded me of that morning. Well Caleb got a plastic surgeon to stitch his little face up and his face his healing up great! Oh and that would be surgery 2 we would have had to pay for but God had a plan!! Well at the beginning of June he got referred to a pediatric rheumatoid specialist. And I am so beside myself to tell you that his test came back normal and he had not had a fever since April. I just love the times shows himself directly because his stubborn children (me J) forget how great He is! Thank you all who prayed for my little man, we felt every one of them. When I think of this chapter of our lives I am reminded of a song I love by Natalie Grant, “I’m in better hands now” ~~ “There is hope when my faith runs out cause I'm in better hands now” I heard this song on the way home from work yesterday and just started crying funny how God will place something even like a song to make Himself known, I just love that! Well you also said something that seems to fit for the end of this blog…God will always get the last word!!

Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this~~~Psalm 37:5


Cindi Dailey said...

Awesome story! Love you guys!

Tor said...

Wonderful! See you soon! (Tor = Rob)

Amber said...

Thank you Cindi :) Love you too!!!

Tor?? :o) We will see you soon!! YAY!