Thursday, July 8, 2010

JOY Story! VBS week

Man what a great time we had a VBS this past week. Want to know what the theme to ours was…JOY STORY!! How awesome is that and our church staff came up with all of the material themselves, it was so awesome. We also did something different this year (I say we but really this was our first year) we had live music, my very talented hubby played the music on his guitar, he did an awesome job. A friend of mine at church named Shari and I were to come up with the moves for the songs and of course we gave ourselves plenty of time to come up with them, I think we started around the beginning of April well time got away from us, then she had to go out of town a couple of weeks for her work, so now it is the week before and I only have like one song down and it is the one that already has moves J ha. So Josh and I stayed up for most of the night Saturday and on Sunday night coming up with these moves for the songs, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised how they came out! Now since you see I had Josh helping me you know there were a couple of moves that we just WAAAY too funny, but I enjoyed them all. We were under great leadership with our friend Melissa who led the music to the kids; God has blessed her with an amazing voice! I had a great time sitting in with the music and teaching the kids the motions. It just did my heart in when I would see my boys singing and doing the moves. Taylor is still going around singing some of the songs, he sounds so sweet!!

I really wish you all could have been there for our kick off day the Sunday before we began. Every year our staff does some kind of skit to get the kids pumped up for VBS and this year was so funny. Our youth pastor drew and painted these HUGE cardboard cuts of the characters on the stage and they were just awesome, God blessed him with the talent to draw. Well our pastor dressed up as Woody and it was funny to see a like 6’3 man dressed like a little cowboy! Our children’s pastor who came up with our theme and wrote the materials dressed up as Buzz, man that was some funny stuff. He showed the church that he was so mad dance skillsJ. Then our youth minister was Zurg and he made his costume himself and did a great job. Their skit was so funny and cute, I guess since it is men that were in it I should say it was umm funny that’s it funny.

Monday came and went along with the rest of the days. It was a lot of fun to be in there with all the kids not just a few kids that you have in your class. I loved getting to see Caleb and Taylor singing, just warmed this little mama’s heart! On Thursday night which we call Gospel night 2 children came forward to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior!! Can I get an AMEN, I have always wanted to say that. Friday was water day. Water Day is a huge day for the ending of VBS. They set up a big water slide down the side of the hill. But I think the adult girls had the most fun, we planned a sneak attack against some of the uh umm older men, and we succeeded. We poured buckets of ice water all over them. JThen I got caught off guard and bam I was hit with lots of water guns and balloons, then some of the teen girls poured a bucket of water right on top of me and it was cold! Well my little poesy ran off without me and ran through the church to the Jenny’s house (youth pastors wife), see they live in the church parking lot too EmilyJ.

The other girls thought they got off with no worries but Jenny came back into the church to put away the buckets we took and got stuck in the church. She kinda got tricked into coming out and when she did BAM! Hit with a 5 gallon bucket of ice water. Melissa too thought she got off scratch free but that was sooo not the case. When everyone had left it was our family, hers and a couple others that were left well a couple of youth boys and my hubby got the bright idea to get her at her house when she returned so she pulled in, opened the door and BAM! She was hit by her own son and umm my hubby.J So now the only girl left was my friend Maria. We had a Sunday School lunch that afternoon and we told her hubby to bring an extra set of clothes for her. So we got the youth boys together and they were waiting inside the fellowship hall and when she went to open the door to go in BAM! She was hit too! It was so much fun and so funny!!

We had a blast this VBS, not just me but I think my kids had a great time too! I can’t wait till next year to see what they have instore. So what is your JOY Story?

These are the bigger than life drawing/stage props Scott did!! Just amazing!


Josh leading the music, isn't he handsome ;)



Caleb was trying to sneak attack me :)


Emily :) said...

Looks like so much fun!! Praise God for the decisions made and for such an awesome church family who is so willing to work! I'll say a prayer for that Jenny living in the parking lot. :)

Amber said...

I will tell Jenny you are praying for her :P, you will be umm somewhat happy to know that she too had mice problems :)
And yes praise God for the decisions!

Rod Chaulk said...

Hey Everyone
looks amazing... Im sure you kids were very blessed.
We have decided to do JOY story for our Halloween alternative night. Those larger than life figures were amazing. How did you do them and do you have templates that you blew up on the wall. What were they made of. They are just awesome
Pastor Rod Chaulk

Amber said...

Wow that is a really awesome idea to do too! I can not actually take the credit for those awesome figures, our youth pastor has a really great gift and he drew those himself but I do believe that he used a template and blew it up on the wall. Thank you for reading and I would love to know how you alls goes!!