Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One HUGE milestone!!!

Last weekend we celebrated the 100th birthday of my great granny!!  That is a HUGE milestone in anyone’s life.  My granny is an amazing woman and has gone through so much in her life.  She was one of I think I remember right 10 kids.  Also her mother’s sister died when she was real young and brought in her kids so there was a bunch.  She has had a rough but wonderful life.  She has dementia, so she really does not remember too many people but she is still as feisty as ever and I love that about her, kind of think that may be where I get some of mine from J  She has raised 5 amazing kids, one being my grandma who is my inspiration.  My grandma goes to see her mom almost every day at the nursing home, even though she does not always remember her, just so she can spend time with her.  I just love that!  She had a pretty good time at her party but I must say toward the end she was done and kept telling us to get out of her house, even told me she would get a switch after me.  All I could do was smile.   I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful granny!  Happy 100th Birthday Granny!!!!


Emily :) said...

That is so awesome! Glad you could be a part of it!

Amber said...

Thank you Emily I was so thankful I could be a part of it as well!!!