Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Randomness of me...but I got an award for being stylish

Ok so I have been putting this off for a little while, well because I was trying to think of some random things about me. If you hang out with me long enough you will see just how random I am but trying to come up with some was a harder task then I thought.  Emily at Speaking the truth in love and laughter tagged me for a Stylish blog award, first thought like many was ok but Emily I really appreciate you thinking of me!  Emily is one of the most encouraging but yet so funny friends I have.  Emily has such a beautiful family and God has blessed her with such a great talent of writing and encouraging others through her life and her blogs!  Emily I am sorry but I think that I will just play along, I am afraid I not have 15 people to tag.

1)  I have this obsession with everytime I go to Wal-Mart, I feel the need to have to buy some kind of bin or basket.  I guess maybe I feel that if I have all these bins and baskets that I will feel like a more organized person.  Cause in my head I feel I am a very well organized person.  I am not wondering if I need to go to some kind of meeting for this, like a BBA...Bins and Baskets Anonymous.  Meetings held on the second Monday of every month at Wal-Mart =P

2)  Some know this about me but it is still kinda random but I do not like veggies. Well I take that back I like green beans(but not fresh, I already know...I am weird) and carrots, but only cooked ones.  I have come quite a long ways though because I used to have to douse my carrots with Mrs.Dash but now I just add a few spices and I am good. =)

3)  Ok this one might make you really laugh at me but when I was in middle school I wanted to be on the cheerleading squad.  So I practiced and practiced(not that it helped).  Well I wore glasses back then (I have upgraded to contacts now) and felt they could hold me back by looking like a geek so I left them in the locker room...big mistake.  When it was my groups turn we were to stand in a line and they would call you one by one to come to your routine.  I just assumed that they would just go down the line, I never thought they would pick randomly.  So they started pointing at me to come up but guess what my sight impaired self could not see them.  Finally the girl next to me told me they were calling me but I told her to shhh and just kept smiling(cause that is an important thing in cheerleading).  So finally they called my name and they were a bit agitated and it kinda just went down hill from there.  Needless to say I did not get on the team.  Oh boy that is kinda a sad story =)

4)  I do not like pickles(remember the veggie thing) but I love the juice it leaves behind.  So like if I am eating a hamburger or ordering a chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-a I like to get the pickle on it and then give it to my boys.

5)  I once smelled smoke in our bathroom at work, well it worried me so I said out loud in front of everyone "We need to keep an eye out because the bathroom smelled like smoke".  Well one of my co-workers was telling me to hush and I just thought how rude telling me to hush.  I found out later that sometimes people who go ummm #2 will try to cover up the smell by quickly lighting a match and then blowing it out.  Oh I am sorry I have just always used the good ol glade(but you have to say it glad-day).  I did feel really bad for calling the person out but I guess I am just very naive and did not know. =)

6)  I do not like fruit either...hey it is different from the veggies so it is different random thing.

7)  I have my own language that my husband call Amberisms.  If I can not think of the word I will sometimes just make one up or if I confuse words.  I also sometimes mix up sayings like I sometimes say smooth move Einstein instead of smooth move exlax =)

I will give you a bonus *I also have to always sleep at the opposite of where the door is on my bed*

Well I hope I brighten your day a bit with all of my randomness.  Remember BBA meeting second Monday in February at Wal-Mart =)

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Emily :) said...

Amber, I will be at that meeting! I do the same thing! I am addicted to baskets and organizational stuff. Just this morning I was thinking of how to reorganize the girl's closet. :)

I also tried out for cheerleading in middle school and didn't make it. I think it is best if we all just push middle school as far out of our memory as possible, don't you?

As for the pickles, I LOVE pickles. Since you like the juice I thought I would share with you that we had some friends that would freeze pickle juice and make popscicles out of it. Maybe you could try that.

Love your Amberisms and love you! Thanks for playing!