Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day!!!

What a surprise we got on Sunday night and Monday morning! SNOW!!! Sunday night it was really cool (I sound so immature) to actually see it coming down and start piling up.  The boys, Josh and I ran outside for a quick peek.  The boys just thought it was really neat to see it falling and trying to catch them with their tongues.  I woke up Monday to see a whole lot of WHITE...EVERYWHERE.  It was so beautiful.  After talking with Josh, his dad and my boss we came to the conclusion that I would get to stay home and have a snow day!! I was beyond excited!!  Josh got to stay home with us too, so it was just one big family day...my favorites.  Per the boys request they wanted pancakes for breakfast, so I made them sprinkled pancakes and per my hubby's request made brown sugar and cinnamon pancakes.  Now the boys were stocked full of energy and ready to go. So we bundled them as much as we could and ventured outside into the huge white blanket, also known as the backyard.  The boys and I just loved it, they more just wanted to eat the snow which was just too funny to watch.  Every time I would turn around one of them was shoving snow in their mouth.  We played outside for about 45 mins then went inside for some more energy(lunch) and a quick nap.  Then we were off again, this time the whole family was outside.  We built a snowman with a huge melon, had a snowball fight, made some snow angels, attempted sledding, Caleb loved rolling down the hill and Taylor just liked eating it.  Yesterday is one of those days that will stay in my mind and just be a great memory and am so thankful I got the opportunity to stay home(one of the perks living out in the middle of nowhere).  It was just an awesome day...a great family snow day.  Here are just a few pictures, wish I could post more =)


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