Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day weekend fun!

Well my friend Emily at Speaking the truth in love and laughter asked at the end of her blog what are you proud of lately and well I have quite a few things.  This weekend was Labor Day weekend and man did I have a great weekend, even though my sweet hubby was gone L but he was having a great mans weekend. I just want to share a few things that happened this weekend in the Gregory household.

On Friday evening after we had finished a yummy dinner, Caleb asked if we all could play a game of football in the front yard.  Well it was Pop as the QB and well actually I could not tell you what I or anyone else was because I have no idea I just ran around trying to tackle everyone =)  It was alot of fun and hearing the boys laugh made all my pains feel better =P. 

On Saturday thanks to Josh's mom and dad I got to go to the very first game of the Rebels season and while I would like to tell it was a great game it was disappointing.  But I really did have a great time with Jessica as she would tell me about the plays that were going on.  And it is always funny to see Jeremy and his dad get into the game.  I do wish that Josh was there because when all three of the Gregory men get into the game it makes me chuckle.   It was the great weather for a football game when we first got there it was kinda hot and not a cloud in sight but then as the sun was going down, the sidewe were stting on started getting some shade then it was perfect!   He is a picture of Jessica and I at the beginning of the game

Sunday was a good day, we had a great service, came home and took a small nap then I went and made dinner.  The menu meatloaf(which was really good cause I mix in sausage mmm...), homemade mash taters and some really well seasoned green beans. Delish!   We had an arts and craft time after we ate dinner and boys made some really great pictures for their Uncle Aaron and Nana, it was for their birthdays.   Well if Josh is usually away I will let the boys come and sleep in our bed, which I do not know why I do I never get that much sleep.  But Sunday night we had a movie night in bed and watched The Incredibles.  Caleb was asking ALOT of questions about superheros and how they got their super powers.  I had just told him that superheros with special powers were not real, they were just pretend.  Well this little ink stink who always surprises me with his wisdom said to me, "Mommy there is one superhero"..."Who?"...."Jesus mommy, He is our superhero".  I now stand corrected. J

Monday was a day I was really looking forward to because the boys had been so great for me, I wanted to do something special for them.  So there was this park that I had not been to but it looked really neat and I had wanted to take the boys for awhile, just waiting on a beautiful day.  Well we got it on Monday is was so nice outside you really just wanted to spend all day outside. The boys and I had a great time at the park and we can not wait to take daddy to the park with us!  Well as you know the park can build up quite the appetite so we went to Chicka-fil-a to eat.  The boys ate all their lunches, had some ice cream and played on the playground there for awhile.  We knew is was time to go because Taylor was telling us we was tired and ready for his nap.  He is so funny!  Speaking of Taylor that little boy has become quite the little mama's boy and I can't tell you how I absolutely love it.  I think it is because around this age Caleb was detaching from his mommy and just loved to be with his daddy, which is ok he still shows his mommy so love. I just think I have two of the sweetest boys! Oh and before I forget I have to mention that Taylor has been using the potty like crazy, every now and then he has an accident every now and then but he is starting to get it!! One step closer to no diapers.  Anywho sorry for the derail but after our nap I woke up to find that Josh had just gotten home and we all we beyond thrilled!  Well the men folk were having a dove hunt since it was opening season and Josh and Caleb went.  Well Nana had just walked down there with them and she started to head back to the house and Caleb said "Nana wait, will you please tell my mommy I love you her".  Can you say melt my heart!  

We grilled out that night and after we ate we were all headed to bed and Josh said hold on he wanted to show me something.  He walked me out to the front yard and he had a blanket set out with a pillow so that we could watch the stars.  I was so surprised we had not sat outside to watch stars in a long time.  It was perfect outside. We sat outside for awhile just looking and talking about God's marvelous work!  So I had a really great weekend and could not ask for anything more.  I pray that you alls weekend was good too!!  Thank you for listening to me brag and rant on and on.

Here are a few pictures from us at the park

Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in heaven.~~Luke 6:23a


Emily :) said...

Sounds amazing! So glad you had such a great weekend!

Amber said...

Thank you Emily, I was very glad to hear you all had a great weekend too. =)