Monday, September 27, 2010

Dear Bibby

Dear Bibby,
It has been a great ride, but this letter is to inform you of your termination as of September 21, 2010.  You have been such a key part of our family and especially to our son Taylor.  You have supplied a lot of quiet moments, for which we are so grateful for.  You were there for our son when we just could not seem to make him happy, you supplied us with some really good nights rest.  But we are now at a crossroads, you have become a bit of a burden.  I mean we can not even understand when he talks because you are there and we are ready for our big boy to truly become a big boy.  But please do not worry we are also soon going to have to let the diapers go too. J  I am sorry we were unable to give you a proper good-bye, I had planned on having one but when we could not find you and now had a dinosaur to sleep with, he just said you were no more.  Thank you for making this so easy for us. We will be happy to write you a letter of recommendation if you need one.  Thank you again!

Taylor’s parents

Days with his bibby :)
Below are pictures with his new dinosaurs.  They are the first 3 nights without his bibby.

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