Wednesday, August 25, 2010


You know when I was on vacation, one day I got to just sit outside of my grandparents house (yes it was that nice outside) in the quiet and read!  I have been reading this really great book by John Ortberg called “The me I want to be”.  There was this chapter on connectedness and how much we need it. 

At the beginning of the chapter it actually talks about the way the a theologian named Abroham Kuyper talked about the way the Temple was set up

And how our hearts are like each section:

The outer court is where everyone had access just like that is our public self, the part most people see of us.

The inner court was called the Holy Place not everyone had access to this area, we too have this place where we allow certain people like friends and family to see this part of our hearts, where we share some of our deepest thoughts/feelings.

But there is one place a very guarded place, deep inside.  It was entered by only the chief priest and it was only him and God. We too have this place where it is you and God.  Now please do not think I came up with this reference it is a reference from the book I am reading.

Is this not the most beautiful illustration of our hearts, when I read this it gave me chill bumps and opened my eyes to see something new. 

For this blog I kinda wanted to focus on the inner court where we allow certain people in but doing some thinking, I think I want to also talk about the beautifulness of the Holy of Holies in our hearts.

Having a relationship with someone is really important to the human body, when we are in company with people we love, I know for me I feel so comfortable and like I can share anything and that person will never judge but just continue to love me for me! 

Love brings the power to become the me I want to be.-JO

For myself I really want to try harder to make long, loving and lasting relationships with friends and family.  I know that we won’t always be singing kumbaya  all the time, but I don’t want to have a lot of contacts in my life I want to have true friendships.  In the book it gives some ideas on how to help build those relationships.  One way is what he calls the gift of delighting, I call it the gift of servanthood.  Have you ever noticed when you do something out of love for someone whether they know you did it or not, that it just fills them with a lot of joy.  For me when someone does something for me and I know it was truly out of love it makes me feel special and in forth I want to pass that along to someone else.  Kinda like the pay it forward system J  When we can observe the words that flow from others, you can actually read part of their heart.  John says when love grows people grow!

Another is the gift of love, have you ever noticed that when someone tells you that they love you how that makes you feel, or how about seeing the face of a person who is down and needs a bit of encouraging and saying those three words they mean a lot to that person.  I was feeling pretty down the other day and on fb said that I was a little down, and when I was on the next day I had some of the most uplifting messages from some awesome friends and it made me feel loved!  Love is not an emotion it is an action of the heart. 

Do you ever feel like you take God for granted?  I know that I feel that way and sadly enough I also do that.  I take for granted that He is always there for me and will always love me.  And I do not come to his throne with humbleness and brokenness, that really bothers me.  How can I take for granted a God who has pulled me out of the toughest times in my life with love, and by love I do mean when He is being just too.  Seeing this beautiful illustration of the place of my heart the Holy of Holies just seemed to click in my head and strive to make each day a step forward.

so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love~~Ephesians 3:17


Emily :) said...

This is an awesome post! Recently I have realized that because I've struggled with some things, I am struggling with both of the things you talked about. I'm usually strong enough to keep the public persona going, but when I'm having a tough time I tend to withdraw and isolate myself even from the friends and family I am closest to. It has been on my heart that I have got to do better at working on my inner court and the Holy of Holies. Thanks for putting it that way! Love ya!

Amber said...

Hey Emily, I just want you to know that I think and pray for you often. You have gone through one tough year but you strive to make everyday a new day. I think you are an amazing women! And I love you too!! =) Thank you for continuing to read and encourage me!