Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A birthday party on Onion Mountain...? Ramblings from my trip to NC

Well I am now back from my trip to North Carolina to go see my granny and grandpa, and to celebrate my great granny’s 99th birthday!! I had a really great time, it made me miss my grandparents so much. I am thrilled too because I got to take this trip by myself, my missed my boys(including my hubby) but it was nice to just spend time with my family and do some thinking, please say some of you mommies out there understand J

Well since I got to do some thinking…and some reading! I would love to tell you a few things I learned, realized and just plain random thoughts of mine. J

On the way, there I was cruising along and this cop pulls out a couple of cars ahead of me and all of sudden I see an array of red brake lights, well that made me giggle. I wonder if cops ever get a kick out of people slowing way down from them and trying not to pass them even though they are not going above the speed limit. Then I wondered if they ever go really slow just to see if others will follow suit. J
why is it when you are coming over a hill and you see the sight of all the HUGE buildings, that it just seems so intimidating?

see what I am saying :) yep that is kinda intimidating!

Oh did I mention that I had a TomTom with me and it got me lost…in the mountains!!! I have not been so scared in a long time. It was so winding that I could not remember where I came from and that stupid GPS lady kept telling me to turn…off the stinkin mountain! But I was proud that even though I freaked out a bit and bless my hubby’s heart for having a psycho wife sometimes, he finds a way to always calm me down, that I was able to get myself back to where I started without the GPS. Afterwards my grandpa told me that my uncle Kenny got lost on the very same mountain because of umm yep you guessed it, his GPS and when my parents came up their GPS tried to do the same thing. So lesson learned don’t turn onto Onion Mountain. J

My grandpa said the sweetest thing to me, when we were going to the store to get the fixins for the enchiladas I was making for him, we walked in and I was just going to grap a basket and he went for a cart. I told him that I could use the basket and then he said “No I want to feel like I am still needed from you!” That made me just smile and filled with JOY! So he walked around the store pushing the buggy for me, and I really cherished that time.

I realized what an inspiration my granny is, she goes and sits with her mom just about everyday just to spend what time she can with her. My GG does not quite remember who we all are so most days she does not realize who my granny is but that does not stop her at all. I just that so inspiring, I saw my granny in a different light this trip.

When I come to spend time with my family in North Carolina, they make me see how special family truly is. And how blessed I am to have so many, Aunts, great Aunts, cousins, second cousins, of course my grandparents and my GG.

I had such a great time with them and thankful for all the time I got to spend with each of them and can not wait till I can spend more and bring my boys to see them all! So this is just a little bit of my trip and the ramblings of it, I pray each of you has a family member that is just as special to you and if you have more you are truly blessed, and I feel truly blessed!
I apologize for the randomness of the photos blogger is acting up and I just can't seem to make it do what I want it to do!

This is the view from grandparents porch is it not beautiful!

My gg loves this babydoll, I think it is so sweet!

here she is with ALL of her children!

These are some clouds I saw coming home, are they not just beautiful, what a majestic God we serve!

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