Friday, April 23, 2010

"This is taking WAY to long"

I just wanted to share alittle about my week/end, share a couple of stories. I got to go visit my hometown, now I used to actually say my home instead of hometown and sometimes I slip and say it but before it was because that is where my heart still was. Well the Lord got a hold of my heart and made me realize that my home is wherever my husband and kids are and I don’t mind too much where that is as long as I have them.

Ok so sorry about that back to my trip. We started our trip on Sat. and as any of you know that kids don’t like to be in the car for too long, what does that really shock you J Well Caleb is my really good traveler but now he inquires about how much longer it might be till we get to where we are going. Well we were about in Ozark and

Caleb asked “Mommy can we just turn around and go home?”

I said “Don’t you want to go to Disneyworld?”

Well I do mommy but this is just taking WAAAYYY too long!” J

Man Josh’s mom and I laughed and laughed. Well God challenged me to think about the very same pharse that Caleb had asked me about how much longer it might take and I am so thankful that my boys challenge me to think about my relationship with God. And I thought about how many times I ask “how much longer till we get there” and Him saying to me “Don’t you want the blessings I have for you along the way” or “Just be patient I have something planned” and me being that stubborn little child of His and say “this is just taking WAY to long Lord” All I can say was WHOA! In my life there are far too many instances that I do that God has already told me in Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

I can tell you that this is applying to my life right now and with our house, but I have gotten such a peace about it and I hope I can continue to have that peace in Him that I know he supplies!

Well since we are on the subject of driving let me tell you what else that little stinker said about me. First let me tell you that I did get alittle turned around when coming back home twice, the last one being at night. (Please keep all laughter in a minimumJ) So on Wed. night before they went to bed they said alittle prayer for me to drive home safely. On Thursday morning Josh’s mom told Caleb that I had made it home safely and Caleb responded “So my mommy got lost didn’t she?” Josh mom a bit confused said “why yes Caleb she did” he responded by saying “yeah mommy gets lost when she drives at night” J

Alittle about my trip and weekend after my trip was really great. I got to spend almost the entire Sunday afternoon with my parents and I have not got to do that in a really long time, it was much needed. I really enjoyed my visit with my sissy it was just good to spend quality time together and not have to be rushed to do anything and we got to catch on A LOT of things that sometimes you just can’t get across over the phone. On one funny thing that happened we were at Hobby Lobby and she saw her friends’ mom and they got to talk and catch up and then she (the mom) looked over at me and said “Is this your mom”. All I could do was laugh that was just so funny to me. I felt so honored that she would think that I might look anything like Leah to be her mom J I got to go and be with her family while they had some pictures taken and I had such a great time. They are such an awesome family and always make me feel just like one of them.

I must say that one of my favorite parts of that week was that I got to come home and spend some wonderful one on one time with my hubby. I can not remember the last time I got to spend that much time with just him, no kids for a couple of days. I mean we really missed our kids but we also really loved the time we got to spend and reconnect with each other. I appreciate so much what Josh does for our family and we don’t get to talk about it with kids grabbing for our attention (which we don’t mind at all). We got to go on a couple of really awesome dates. Our time just made love him just that much more J

The kids had a really great time at Disney. Caleb actually could ride almost all the rides they went on. Taylor wasn’t quite tall enough yet but he just enjoyed being there. From what I hear their favorite day was the Magic Kingdom, there was so much for them to do there. They really both enjoyed getting to know their cousins and just spending time with their family. Josh’s mom said their favorite part was probably the pool, is that not how it usually works they like the part that is not even part of what you went to do, but as long as they had fun right? J I can't wait till we will be able to take them down there and we can all be able to have that much fun together as a family! We are so glad the boys are back, the house was just too quiet without them in it and they came back in full force and I would not have it any other way!


Emily :) said...

I'm so glad you had a good trip and that I got to see you! Yep, those little people can teach some good lessons, huh? :)

Amber said...

Yes ma'am they sure can :) I was really glad to see you all too, maybe we can get together soon!! :)