Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Say alittle prayer

You know that some of the best prayers are the ones that come from the heart. Hearing a child pray puts so much JOY in my heart, hearing my boys pray makes that JOY so much more . Well Caleb usually prays for our food at any meal time, well a couple of weeks ago Taylor got into praying, and it doesn't have a lot of words to it but it does have an AMEN at the end. Well we were at dinner and Taylor wanted to say the prayer so his little prayer went like this "ank you esus, food…something…something, cow poop AMEN!!! I asked did he really just pray for cow poop, then Josh’s mom brought to our attention that she had cooked that night and wondered if that was meant for her food J It is the small prayers that mean so much J Last night was another night that just made my heart melt. Caleb was saying the prayer and usually he just says “Thank you Jesus for our food, Amen”. Which is fine because he is praying, but I won’t lie and say there are not days that I didn't wish that he would just bust out in prayer. Well last night was his night he prayed “Thank you Jesus for this beautiful day, thank you for letting mommy and daddy have a good day, thank you for our food, and thank you for mommy and daddy getting home safely, Amen” Yep that did it, I teared up at the table, that prayer was so heart felt made this mama feel so joyous inside. Well Taylor now copies EVERYTHING Caleb does now, so he wanted to pray next, his went alittle like this(note I can not make all the jibberish sounds he makes nor am I able to write them J) "Jibber, jibber esus, jibber, jibber mommy, daddy. AMEN!! Moments like this let me reflect in my own prayer life to see if I am praying for the “little” things just like my boys seem to see that is really important to them.

~~In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy~~Philippians 1:4

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