Thursday, April 29, 2010

There is a time to let it go

So yesterday was kinda like any other day, sitting at work thinking about my boys. Well I was inspired to write a blog about how far God has brought me with the trust issues I had when I had given birth to Caleb. See let me start this off with saying when Caleb was first born I was so happy God had blessed us with a child but then when Caleb was born I got scared, and that May was baby dedication and I was not sure I wanted to go through with it. See baby dedication for me was not just about bringing up my child to grow such love and faith in God, it was about turning him back over to the creator who created him. And quite frankly that thought scared me, even though in my heart I knew he was already His, I just did not turn my full heart over to Him. Well I think it was the Friday before baby dedication and I was driving home and felt like 50 tons of weight was just lifted off my shoulders and I knew that I was now at peace and ready to dedicate Caleb to the Lord!

So I tell you all of this because I had started writing my blog about how far He brought me and has showed Himself so glorious through a lot of situations that Caleb has been through and God has always reassured me that He was in control! Well I took a break and that is when I got this phone call from Josh’s dad. He had told me in a very calm voice that Caleb had cut his cheek on a piece of metal tin roofing and Nana had rushed him to the ER. I tried not to get too panicked because I did not know how bad it really was. Well I had that peace that God was taking care of everything and that I was inspired by all of those things I wrote up top about because He wanted to remind me of how much in control of all the situations and that He was in control of this one as well, and was holding tight onto my little man. Is that not just amazing what God can show and do for us!

Ok so now I am going to brag alittle bit about Caleb, yes I know me brag…never J Well right after Caleb had ran into the roofing he came running to the back door, holding his cheek and crying. Taylor answered the door and as soon as Caleb walked in Pop saw that he was bleeding and about that time Nana walked in and saw what had happened to his face and scooped him up in true mother form J and took him to the back and put a towel on his face and had him sit in the chair to get the truck ready. Well by the time he got to the chair he had already stopped crying and did not cry really at all since then. Well being that Nana is a mother did not spare any red lights and rushed to the hospital, she even told me that Caleb got onto her for running one of the red lights J When we arrived at the hospital they took him back fairly quickly and then it was just a waiting game. They started to prep him for the plastic surgeon to come and stitch him up, now how is it that my 4 year old son got to see a plastic surgeon before I did, just kidding J And they had to take the bandage off his face and that was the first time he actually started to cry a bit! That was also where I saw how bad the cut was, if you can even call it that (yeah it was that bad!!) and there I kinda went into panic mode and started to shake A LOT! So I started to do my Lamaze breathing exercises (oh now they came in handyJ) and calmed myself down abit. They came in with the stuff to put an IV in and the first time he cried for a minute but the second one they put in he just sat there and watched them!! and did not cry at all. He had all the nurses amazed throughout our time there, several nurses would come in to see him and said what an inspiration he was because he was so calm and did not cry! That will make a mama proud! Now there were about to put in the medicine to make him loopy, I think they called it truth serum(it had some fancy name but I do not remember that one) and said that he will say some crazy things and not remember it. And that was so the case at one point he told Josh that he was Jesus, told Josh he had green teeth and should brush them like he brushes his, and that he had three eyes. Made us tickle! Caleb is an awful lot like his daddy and is very curious and he kept trying to watch what the doctor was doing to his face, the doctor was just so patient with him and would chuckle at him being so curious. Oh I need to say this real quick, Josh in true Josh form manages to always find a way to put a smile on everyone’s face and makes sure I am mortified passed gas halfway through the surgery. Man I love that man J Soon after his doctor finished Caleb had a visitor from someone he knew, it was Bro. James, he came to check on him and prayed with us before we left. Want to hear something awesome the nurse in the room with us stood with us held Caleb’s hand and prayed with us!! God is just such an awesome God!! Well we my little moneymaker face all fix up and by this time it was 8:30 and Caleb was very hungry, poor thing had not had lunch nor dinner yet. So we went to Chica-fila-a and he ate all of his nuggets, fries and some ice cream and the last part of his daddy’s!! We went home and tried to put some minds at ease, and had just wish that Taylor was awake to see his bubba, because he was worried about him all day and asked about him a lot! We are so thankful for the people in our life. Josh’s mom did a great job of taking care of my little man and holding things together, Pop took great care of Taylor while we were at the hospital, for my mom and dad who I know were lifting him up in prayers. And for our awesome church family who said a special prayer for him last night before supper. Now I have to put my faith in God as Caleb will have to have some more blood test ran to find the cause of the fevers he has been getting at least every 3 weeks. So if you could please continue to lift him in your prayers, as we seek a specialist in Memphis. One thing is for sure I know he is in the hands of the greatest physician!!

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