Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Taylorsaurus is turning three!!

Taylor toot,

People used to tell me how quickly time goes by as you get older, I do not realize how quick it did until I had two precious boys!  And time goes by so fast.  You are such an amazing blessing in all of our lives.  This has been a year of many changes for you.  You have learned so much and you have gained quite the funny little personality. 

I am going to miss so many wonderful things that I can not get back.  Like around this time last year I was still rocking you to sleep,  those are some of my favorite times with you because since I had to go back to work, I missed a lot of new things you were doing and that time at night was just me and you!  I am going to miss when you “don’t” need me much anymore, you are taking notes from your awesome big brother about becoming an independent but still sweet little boy.  No longer a baby but as you say “I big boy”.  And everything is now “I do it by myself”.  You have such a way of making everyone around you smile, even when we are trying to be mad J

Taylor God has big plans for your life, I can see so many wonderful things coming out right now like how you absolutely love to sing and dance.  If there is music you are moving and if you know most of the song you are singing right along making up a few of your own little words along the way.  Daddy, Caleb and I are so proud of you and love you very much Taylor! 


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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pics!!!! Each one shows the personality and charm of my youngest nephew. I'm so proud of the job you are doing, raising these boys and being a wonderful Christian influence in their young lives. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TAYLOR!!!!!