Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A GregorWii Christmas

Are you recovering from this past Christmas?  I didn’t quite know what to have thought of this Christmas at first, for some reason I was just not really feeling it which is not like me.  I LOVE Christmas and it has nothing to do with buying presents(which I love to do) or Santa but it does have to do with a baby.  But I also love this time of year because this time of year just seems to bring out the best of peoples hearts, seeing others so giving just does my heart good.  Sadly though up until the week before Christmas I was just not really there.  Caleb actually showed me and grew my heart a size or two bigger(like the Grinch).  You see  the Sunday before Christmas our pastor was actually sharing his message and it was on the Grinch and how Christmas is more about giving and making our hearts just a bit bigger.  When Caleb was eating his M&M’s he had gotten from his Sunday School teacher, one of the college kids behind him was teasing him that he wanted some of his M&M’s.  Most kids will tell them no but not Caleb, that boy has one of the biggest hearts I know of.  He got out of his pew and went and offered him some of his M&M’s.  That day my heart was filling with the Christmas spirit!  I would love to share some of our Christmas with you.

On Christmas Eve we started to make Christmas cookies for Santa.  I love making cookies with the boys, there is just so much fun that is being had J There was some mixing, tasting, rolling, more nibbling, maybe a little flour fight J, some more nibbling, cookie cutting, SPRINKLES and then the boys eating the sprinkles.  We had so much fun, I just enjoy spending my time with them.  Here are a few pictures below.


Christmas morning was so nice and actually relaxed.  Taylor who has been asking everyday since the presents got put out if he could open them, could finally open his presents except he kinda went nuts and just started opening any present he could get his little fingers on.  He was so funny!  We decided to get a family gift this year and got us and the kids a Wii.  Which we have named the GregorWii, catchy huh?  Jeremy actually came up with that cool name and we like it.  Anywho Caleb loves the Wii, he likes to sword fight and play the Star Wars game we got him and let me tell you that boy is good!  Taylor is still getting used to it but I think he will come around soon.  He loves the animals he got and all the movies.  That boy could watch movies all day if you let him. Oh I forgot but the boys did get a “deer stand”(playground) for Christmas from Josh’s parents and Caleb just is a monkey on that thing and Taylor is now learning to climb and swing too!  We are so thankful for all of our friends who love our kids and send them some special things too!  Josh and I did our annual ornament exchange.  Each year we both get each other an ornament we have done it for the past 8 years now.  It started out at first as a simple lets get each other a sweet little ornament but now it is kinda a competition, a fun competition J I would have pictures from it but whoa, I was looking a tad bit rough so I think I will spare you all. Hehe.  Oh and before I unload some of the pictures from Christmas I have to tell you that the boys and I had our first white Christmas!  It was so beautiful, the boys went and played out in the snow a bit.  Jessica, Josh and I cooked the Christmas meal and it was really yummy!  I just love when Joshua makes his Christmas ham, it is the best!

Well that about does it for Christmas at the Chez Gregory household, I think the only thing that would have made this Christmas a bit nicer would have been if my family was with us too cause they love Christmas just as much as I do.  Well pray you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and may you have a wonderful New Year! 

us in the aftermath =)

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