Thursday, May 20, 2010

This could be a birthday to remember

Wow doesn’t that old tune just bring back old memories! Ok, Ok, yes,yes I know it is suppose to be A Christmas to remember but I thought that fit much better for me J
I was not sure what I was going to think of this birthday because this was the first one I have spent away from my family. And in my family birthdays are HUGE!! Don’t know why but they just have always been. I think that is why I try to come up with these huge party ideas for my boys!! Some years I think about how I would love to throw a big fun party for either me or Josh but just never do it! Anyways sorry to get off track. It turned out that I had one of the best birthdays. Tuesday of my birthday I woke up to my hubby making me breakfast and an awesome card from him, he knows how much cards mean to me! Then off to work but then I got to have lunch with three of the most handsome men I know J Caleb told me "Mommy we can go eat wherever you want but I think Chicka-fil-a would be a great choice" J So we went to Chick-fil-a and it was just so nice to have lunch with my family, have not had that in a very long time and I treasured every minute of it! Well when I got home that night I walked into the kitchen to see two men standing there scratching their heads and looking at a cake mix box, I must say I was a tad bit nervous of the outcome of this cake and asked if they wanted me to just go ahead and make the cake. They shooed me away and told me they had this all under control. About 20 minutes later we got called down for dinner. Pop had made his famous lasagna but there was something very special about this lasagna it had my name written in noodles, how many people can say that they had their name written in noodles on a lasagna J So now came the time to blow out the candles and have some cake, now remember how I said that the last time I saw the cake mix box and the men, they were scratching their heads. So can you blame me that I was just a hair hesitant to try a piece. Well I braved it and took a bite and it was actually really yummy, they then preceded to tell me that I probably should not ask what was in it……umm what? I just took a bite of the yummy cake and now you want to tell me that. Well what had happened is that we umm ran out of oil so Pop looked in the pantry to see what we had, we had some shortening so he melted it and used that for oil. Kinda smart and that was actually not to bad to be what was in it. I was really afraid yall at what might be in there since they know how picky I am J That was such a great birthday, loved every minute of it!

Well then on Saturday I got to have my birthday gift and my Mother’s Day gift. I got to spend my morning with a really great friend and we got to have facials!! Can you say AWESOME!!! It was so nice to just relax and not have a care in the world, kinda takes you to those calgon commercials when you wish that calgon would take you away, well I was away…far away! We then headed out for some lunch and to do what girls do best…SHOP!!! Oh can I just tell you here that since we had a facial we were not aloud to wear make-up for a couple of hours, WHOA I apologize to anyone who may have saw me, which I guess without my face on you probably did not recognize who I was, I will look at that as a blessing J Well in true girl fashion we got back just in time to put on our faces and touch up our hair a bit and then it was time to leave. And then we headed off to Memphis to go have dinner at the Melting Pot!! It was so yummy and we had so much fun. It has been a long time since me and Josh have had that much fun. Oh I do have to say that I tried a nibble of a strawberry with chocolate, Josh won't say that I actually tried it cause I did not eat a whole strawberry but I consider this to be a huge success and milestone. It only took 27 years :)

I have felt so loved this birthday and am so thankful for all the cards, messages and messages on FB. This has been a birthday to remember J

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