Friday, January 22, 2010

My superheros!

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward.~~Psalm 127:3(NAS) Man I love this verse, it is exactly how I feel about my kids, granted there are days that they do drive me crazy but I will take it. This past year I have come to realize that my boys are so strong, and as a mom you just want them to need you always. Which they will always need me but they are starting to separate alittle. Anyways I say all this cause I wanted to, well I guess you can say brag a bit about them and how well I believe they did when they both had to be admitted into the hospital this year! Taylor was admitted in May, he had pneumonia and we tried to take care of it at home but it just would not go away. So the doctor thought it would be best if we went ahead and admitted him. Man I so did not want to be there for when they put the IV in, so Josh was there and he went in for that. Well all was well, then it happened, the nurse walked in and said that they need more blood. I was like WHAT?? Umm can’t we wait till my hubby gets here, nope we need it now. Ok so I went in there after the nurse asked if I would prefer to wait outside, are you kidding, no I am not leaving my child but I guess she has to ask. But he did so well, they had to board his arm but he did not once try to yank his other arm that they were getting the blood from, I was so proud. I just kept thinking, man I can’t even do that! J Oh he was so funny because when we were going to the doctor’s office for like 3 days in a row, the nurse had to give him a shot of antibiotic and the next time we went in there, as soon as she walked in he would start crying, well he also did the same thing when we were at the hospital, if a nurse walked in to just check his vitals he would start tearing up and cry L Poor thing He also got me in trouble, he was really confined to his bed but when he actually started feeling better, he wanted to get down and walk around. Well this kinda made me nervous but I decided to give it a try, well I turned my back just to get a diaper and his IV thing starts beeping, I was like AHHH. He had pulled his IV out, not from his arm but where is was connected. The nurse came in and told me I needed to keep a better eye on him. I just looked at Taylor and said you got mommy in trouble! It was funny. He showed me so much strength at just 18 months old. Well now you all know that Caleb just recently had surgery and man was he such a testimony to me. When I really think about a strong and brave child, I really do think of him. When I got there he was sitting on the bed playing my DS, when all the people came in too explain what was going to happen Caleb never asked why he just said ok. Now some people may say that he just didn’t understand but I know he did, cause when we asked him what was going to happen he would tell us that they we going to cut that thing out of his throat. Well his doctor saw that he liked spiderman, heck I mean he had on a spiderman shirt, shoes and underwear J So he asked Caleb if he would like a web on his hand, so that it looked like he was shooting it out. Caleb just loved that. Well instead of wheeling him out on the bed into surgery, Dr.Dye actually picked him up and carried him back there, man did that put my mind at ease. All the nurses talked about what a great boy he was and how well he did. We went and waited in his room and they wheeled him in, he was alittle disoriented at first and kinda stayed in a fog all day. He had a few visitors, ate alittle. He was funny actually, he got a toy from his happy meal and it was one of the chipmunks and when you pressed his head it would say something. Well Caleb who always tries to make sure we are smiling kept pressing it to make us laugh! Well then it was time for bed and Caleb had figured out how to change the channels on the TV and was flipping through them and found a football game, Caleb said ohh football and yall we watched football for an hour! Well I told Caleb I was going to bed and he wanted me to sleep in the bed with him, and I was happy to do that. So I turned over and I felt this scratch on my back, I turned around and it was Caleb scratching my back, he said “mommy you had a rough day” I said “I had a rough day, you had the rough day”. But that made me feel special beyond words! Oh I also wanted to tell you the story we told Caleb to make his trip kinda like an adventure. We said that he was going to stay at a castle (hospital) and that sometime ago he had swallowed a poisonous apple (his cyst) and that it was going to put him into a deep sleep and prince Dye (his doctor) was going to cut it out, then a princess (yep that’s me J) would come give him a kiss to wake him up. He loved that, it kinda helped him out a bit! Well my superheros save me just about everyday when I come home from a hard day of work without them, they come to me with hugs and kisses!


Cindi Dailey said...

Awww.what an awesome story! Both those boys are blessed to have such an awesome, godly mom like you!

Amber Gregory said...

Aww thank you Cindy, that means alot to me for you to say such sweet words especially about me being a godly mom :) I don't think I could be half the mom I am if it weren't for great mentors like you :) Miss you!